How I clean my makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those tasks that we all hate doing but it gives us a great sense of satisfaction when using freshly cleaned brushes.

I try to clean mine every two weeks, which maybe is not often enough but about all I have time for in the madness of my routine life.

I have tried lots of specific cleaners over the years but I have to say this is the best method I have found. It really cleans the brushes and leaves them looking new. Furthermore, it only costs the price of a cheap baby shampoo and a cheap brush cleaning gadget from Ebay.


Products used:

Tesco Soft & Gentle Baby Shampoo (£1.00 for 500ml.) Any baby shampoo will work.

Makeup Brushes Silicone Cleaning Finger Glove (99p from Ebay.)

Step 1:

brush-and-soapSquirt some baby shampoo on the side of the sink. Dip your brush into it and add water.

Step 2:

Put the rubber brush cleaner on the end of two fingers. Then gently start to move the brush in circular movements around the cleaner. It will froth up. Keep going, adding water bit by bit. Eventually the water will run clean and the bristles will no longer have any makeup on.

Step 3:

Rinse the bristles under the tap. Gently squeeze excess water out in the direction of the bristles.


Step 4:


Lay some kitchen roll or a clean dry towel on a flat surface. Place the wet brushes on the towel. It is good if you can get the bristles to hang off so they are free to dry.

They will take about 24 hours to dry.



How to clean makeup sponges:

I have tried various ways of cleaning my sponges but they are tricky as the makeup collects inside the sponge making it hard to clean thoroughly. With sponges too I find they need washing every week to avoid bacteria building up on them. The cleaner I use has fantastic reviews online which is why I splashed out and bought it, and at £14.00 it is not cheap. However a little goes a long way and I can see me having this for a good year or so before need more. Some people use it to clean brushes too but I find Baby Shampoo works great with my brushes and is so cheap to buy it seems silly to use this cleaner when I can just use the shampoo.


Products used:

Solid Blender Cleanser – £14.00 for 28g from

Step 1:


Wet the sponge under the tap. Gently start rubbing the sponge into the white soap. Use the palm of your hand then to rub the soapy sponge and build up a lather. Keep rubbing it into your hand for a few minutes.


Step 2:

Rinse the sponge under the running water until all later has gone and water runs clear. Squeeze to get any excess water out. If there are still some dirty areas go back in and start again on the dirty bit. Eventually the sponge will look like new.


Step 3:

Leave to dry in a warm place for about 24 hours.


I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you have any good tips for washing brushes. Thanks for reading…

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