New Year Resolutions – Here we go again!

Firstly I would like to wish you all a happy New Year!

So as we enter 2017 I look back on 2016 and think about the things I have achieved. One positive thing was starting my blog and each week I get more followers and meet new internet friends and fellow lovers of all things beauty!

I start to then consider my New Year Resolutions – here I go again setting myself unrealistic challenges. I would like to lose so much weight I move several dress sizes down (this has been my resolution every year for the past several years thus showing how unachievable it is!) I would like to go out running and to the gym every single day (not quite with a busy full time job and 2 children!) I would like to eat only healthy home cooked meals with no fat and no alcohol (This is already sounding boring!) Why do I continue to make a list like this every year?!

This year I am heading towards my 40th birthday. Yes I know a scary thought that I keep trying to forget about. Well, I think my New Year Resolution should simply be to embrace entering my 40’s. To enjoy myself more. To stop tying myself to my work and computer and get out more. To try and enjoy LIFE!


I plan to walk more – I live in a beautiful place with lots of coastal walking paths. I will also try my very hardest to get fitter and healthier and hopefully thinner. I will join my friend on a better fitness routine and try to eat healthier where possible without completely cutting out all nice food and then resenting my diet. I want to hit 40 feeling fitter and looking better than I ever have.

Do you set yourself New Year Resolutions? Are they good or bad? Let me know in the comments your resolutions.

Thanks for reading…

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