Quick Makeup Fixes for Busy Mums!

Following a request from my best friend I thought I would do a post about quick makeup products and techniques for busy mums who have very little time in the morning but still want to hide the lack of sleep and dark circles around their eyes! I am a busy working mum. Whilst juggling sandwich making, sorting clothes and dressing children, I still have to get showered, dressed, makeup on and hair presentable each morning. I have developed a quick makeup routine I can achieve in 5 to 10 minutes.

I always start my day by cleansing, toning and moisturising as this prepares my skin for the day and if done regularly will naturally help your skin look better. I then follow this routine.


Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer in Light
£7.99 from www.superdrug.com

I apply a bit of this under my eyes first as I am applying a powder foundation and the cream concealer will not sit right on top of a powder. This is a great concealer with a good coverage that still feels light on the skin. The applicator makes it easy to apply as you can just roll it onto the skin. I then just use a brush to rub it in. If you are happy with your eyes you can always leave this step, and move onto the foundation straight away.


Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
£22.00 from www.maccosmetics.co.uk

This is my saviour foundation when time is tight and I need quick makeup. It is a matte powder foundation with a medium coverage. After moisturising and applying concealer, I apply this foundation by buffing it into my skin using a big soft brush. This leaves a flawless finish but add it a little at a time, as it will cake up if you are heavy handed.


Cheeks: Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
£23.50 from www.benefitcosmetics.com

This is my favourite bronzer as it is a matte powder suitable for all skin tones. I apply this quickly over my cheeks and outer sides of my forehead to apply a bit of colour to my skin. I use a big powder brush so it applies lightly.


Eyebrows: Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel Shade no 3
£18.50 from www.benefitcosmetics.com

Some people are happy to skip this step but I cannot ignore my eyebrows. My eyebrows are quite thin due to over plucking in my teens. I love Gimme Brow as it is so quick and easy to use. I apply the product using the small mascara like brush across my brows. It fills in the sparse areas and adds volume.


Eyes: Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Eyeshadow Stick
£4.49 from www.superdrug.com

I love cream stick eye shadows, as they are just so quick and easy to use. Most brands do them and they come in a variety of colours. I love to use a bronze type neutral colour for everyday. I apply it direct onto the eyelid and rub it in with my finger. The heat of my finger allows it to blend really well. I love the Rimmel Scandal’Eyes sticks as they are waterproof, crease proof and last all day too. They come in a range of colours but I like the colour “Bluffing” which is a beige/bronze colour.


Mascara: Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara in Black
£3.30 from www.wilko.com

I apply my mascara to my top and bottom lashes to finish my eyes.


Lips: Nivea Lip Care Soft Rose
£1.65 from www.superdrug.com

 I finish with a bit of lip balm.

I hope you find this post helpful and it allows you to develop a quick and easy makeup routine for when time is tight. Let me know if you have any other products you find help when in a hurry.

Thanks for reading…

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  1. I love the Hoola Bronzing powder ❤
    Want to try the Gimme brow from Benefit…
    What is a Kabuki brush 😬 xxx

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