The Beauty Bloggers who inspired me to start my Blog

It took me a while to pluck up the courage to start my blog. I have spent the past couple of years following beauty bloggers and You Tubers and it really developed my love for makeup, beauty and skincare. Eventually I knew I wanted to start my blog to share my passion. This post focuses on the people who inspired me to start. I have picked my top 5 Beauty bloggers/You Tubers. These are people I follow on a daily basis, watching their videos and reading their blogs. Take a look at their blogs, websites and videos to get inspired, see great reviews, advice and tips for all things beauty.



Pixiwoo are sisters Nic and Sam Chapman who are based in the UK. These were without a doubt one of my main inspirations when starting my blog. They are makeup artists by trade and have lots of experience within the industry. They are a similar age to me, which I like. I really relate to them and trust their opinions and I feel their reviews are honest. They review a good range of high-end and drugstore products covering a wide spectrum of brands. Their You Tube videos are excellent, enjoyable to watch and easy to follow. They are also the key people behind the Real Techniques makeup brush range, one of the best makeup brush brands out there. There book Face is a great book for makeup lovers.

Links: & Youtube Channels: Pixiwoo & Real Techniques


A Model Recommends


This blogger and You Tube pro is fab. She is called Ruth Crilly and is a fashion model and writer based in the UK. She is so natural on the camera. I find her videos are easy to watch and again I trust what she says. If she doesn’t like something then she is honest and explains why, which I really appreciate when watching/reading reviews. Her blog is good, with daily posts about a range of things such as beauty and makeup product reviews, tutorials, skincare advice and general life troubles. Ruth seems a really down to earth nice person and I like that. She is also gorgeous which is an added bonus.

Links: / YouTube Channel: Model Recommends


British Beauty Blogger


This is a blog I visit everyday, usually with my morning cup of tea and piece of toast. It is founded by Jane Cunningham, a beauty writer based in London. She uses her years of experience working as a writer in the industry to share her knowledge and opinions. She reviews a wide range of beauty products from a good range of companies. I always find out about new products from her blog. Again as with the other bloggers on this post I feel I trust Jane’s opinions. I never feel like her reviews are false and simply trying to promote a product. If she doesn’t like the quality of something, she says. Or if it is too expensive, she says. She is a middle aged working mum just like me and I feel this helps me relate to her. When reading her posts you can tell she knows what she is doing. She is realistic and honest and I would without any hesitations recommend you check out her blog.

Link: / Twitter: @britbeautyblog


Desi Perkins


Desi Perkins is a You Tube makeup artist, who posts videos and photos across the many social network sites such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. She is based in the USA and posts tutorials a couple of times a week. Desi is very glamorous looking and looks very similar to Jenifer Lopez (lucky her!) She is really easy to watch and her tutorials are interesting and varied. I enjoy seeing her apply the makeup ideas and often try them out myself. She doesn’t write blogs, and mainly focuses on her social network sites, but I enjoy watching her videos and her makeup ideas are very inspirational and that is why she is in my top 5!

Links: Snapchat: DesiPerkins / Twitter: @DesiPerkins / YouTube: Desi Perkins


Teni Panosian


Teni is also based in the USA. She writes a beauty blog and posts lots of makeup tutorials and VLOGS on You Tube. She has a natural beauty and a really gentle manner, which makes her videos really easy to follow. I especially like the videos where she is getting ready for a glamourous event and she talks you through all the stages of her preparation. She doesn’t wear heaps of make up and even her ‘heavy’ make up looks you could wear in everyday life. She keeps things natural and real and relates things to her own life. She seems like a really nice genuine person.

Links: / YouTube: Teni Panosian

Take a look at the blogs and YouTube channels I have mentioned in this post. You will be able to see why these are my top 5 Beauty Inspirations. After researching for this post and narrowing down to 5, I found the key things that seem to make me like them over all the other I follow are:

  • They are natural and easy to watch
  • They are realistic with their reviews and comments
  • They are similar to my age bracket helping me relate to them
  • I trust their opinions

Please comment in the box with any bloggers and You Tubers you would recommend. Thanks for reading… and please follow my blog on WordPress or by email using the links.

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