Battle of the Drugstore Mascaras!

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One makeup product I cannot live without is good mascara. It makes you look awake and open-eyed even if you have no other makeup on. I buy lots of mascaras from drugstore and high-end brands. If I am honest I am never really that impressed with high end priced mascaras. I never feel they are worth the money as there are so many really good mascaras at the drugstore.

On a recent shopping trip I spotted two super cheap mascaras and had to buy them to try. Lets face it everyone loves a bargain. When I was younger I got so excited when I could afford to treat myself to expensive makeup products. Now days though, although I love my high end products, I love it when I find a great product for a low price. Let the mascara battle begin…


aldi on own

Lacura Volumising Sensational Mascara
Only £2.39 from Aldi!!


  • Creates sensational volume, perfect curves and breath-taking length
  • Rich waxes help achieve creamy soft texture and separate lashes without clumps
  • Volume brush reaches every lash making them appear denser

It comes in a box with a clear plastic front to allow you to see the product. What I love is that the brush is separate from the mascara tube allowing you to see the brush before you buy it. I have bought many mascaras and hated the brush when I open it. The brush with this mascara is very big and dense with lots of bristles. I like this type of brush as it allows the mascara to coat all my lashes, although it can be tricky to apply.

in box

The mascara applies nicely. It coats all my lashes without clumping or stickiness. I like my lashes to seem quite natural and fluttery (not sure if that is a word but I like it). I have several expensive mascaras that apply thickly to my lashes and leaves them all stuck together and clumpy. It is really annoying. This mascara coats my lashes and leaves them looking very natural. It is black so colour works well. It is also buildable too allowing you to add more coats for a thicker looking lash.

open mascara

Overall Opinion:
I really like this mascara. I have been wearing it for the last week. I like the finish and the way it applies to my lashes. It lasts all day and does not transfer onto my lid or under my eyes. I use my Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove it and my eyes feel fine afterwards. I have sensitive skin and have had no irritation with this product at all. It has lived up to all the claims. I think it is an absolute gem at this price. The only negative I would add really is that it is very light and you need several coats if you like your lashes quite coated.

on own with lid

Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara
Only £3.30 from Wilko!!


The cone shape of the fibre brush provides lashes with length, dramatic volume and a false- lash effect.

Firstly the packaging for this mascara is just so cute. I really like it. It mimics the shape of a ladies body showing lovely sexy curves. It also has details a bit like underwear printed on top. It really stands out on the shelf and catches your eye. I like the brush with this product too. It has fibre bristles which I prefer as I feel they really coat the lashes well. I’m not a big fan of plastic mascara brushes. I don’t like how they apply mascara.

mascara stood up open

As with the Lacura mascara it applies nicely. It also coats all my lashes without clumping or stickiness. This mascara applies thicker than the Lacura mascara though. After two applications my lashes look fab, really volumised and full. They don’t quite look false (Which I prefer!) but they look much better. It lasts well through the day and I did not get any transfer onto my skin. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water also removes this easily.

mascara open

Overall Opinion:
I love this product. I am a big fan of Essence mascaras and have used different versions in the past. I think this is an absolute bargain and would definitely buy this product again and again. It makes my lashes look great and does not irritate my sensitive eyes. The packaging was also a bonus for me… just too cute!

And the winner is…
I like both mascaras but the Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara won this battle for me. I felt the Lacura was a bit too light and natural. It would be fine for the day but would not be enough for a night out. I think they are both fantastic bargains though and show case how far the drugstores have come with their mascaras. I love the fact it that good quality beauty products are now becoming affordable for everyone.

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  1. I did look at the essence one in the store but I haven’t bought it (yet). Now, reading your review I know what mascara I’ll try next time I need a new one.

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