The Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017

As June approaches I am excited to announce I will be taking part in an exciting beauty challenge called the Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017.

What is the Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017?

Starting on 3rd June, a group of beauty bloggers are starting a 10 day challenge. Each day we will review a product from a specific category. We can choose any brand or colour. We then rate the product, packaging and price and give the product a score out of 100. We will create a Top Trump card to represent the product. We then challenge each other to a game of top trumps!

Here are the beauty products bloggers will be reviewing per day:

Day 1: Liquid Lipstick

Day 2: Brow Product

Day 3: Eyeliner – liquid or pencil

Day 4: Makeup Remover

Day 5: Nail Varnish – summer colour

Day 6: Face Mask

Day 7: Primer

Day 8: False Eye lashes

Day 9: hand Cream

Day 10: Bronzer

I am so excited to be taking part in this challenge with such a great group of bloggers.

Here is a list of the fantastic bloggers involved and their blog links:

  1. Beth Mahoney:
  2. Natalie Williams:
  3. Emma Drury: ‪
  4. ‪Kim McPherson‪:
  5. Rachel Hutchinson:
  6. Natalie Douglas:
  7. ‪Melissa Jayne Porter‪:
  8. ‪Vicki Jayne Harrison‪:
  9. ‪Cheryl Totten:
  10. Kimberley Louise Bake:‪
  11. ‪Becky Russell:
  12. ‪Vicki Howe‪:
  13. ‪Angy Zacarías‪:
  14. ‪Kara Elizabeth Kibbee‪:
  15. ‪Tione Rodney:
  16. Natasha Hudson 

I will be posting every day so keep an eye out for the challenge blogs starting 3rd June 2017.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction to the Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017 Challenge and will follow the 10 day challenge. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog: to receive regular emails for all my posts. You can also follow me on Facebook: @islandbeautyjunkie, Twitter: @Islandbeauty77 and Instagram: islandbeautyjunkie

All Beauty Bloggers Brawl branded graphics have been created by: Emma Drury:

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  1. Wow 10 days of posts in a row!! I admire you for having the strength to do it! Look forward for your posts!!

    Ioanna |

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