Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017 – Day 4 Makeup Remover

Today I continue with the Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017 challenge. As mentioned in my introduction post (Introduction). The Beauty Bloggers Brawl is a daily blog post undertaken by a group of beauty bloggers who will be challenging each other to a daily top trump game reviewing beauty products. We have been given specific categories but can choose our own brand and product to review. We will rate the product, packaging and price out of 100 then create a top trump card to represent our product.

Day 4’s review is about makeup removers.



Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash by Garnier
£3.99 from

For my makeup remover product I chose Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash. I am a huge fan of their micellar water and currently use it to remove my makeup so when I spotted this gel wash product I thought it would be a great review to do for this challenge. I chose the Combination/Sensitive skin version.


  • All-in-one rinse-off gel wash that cleanses and removes make-up.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Cleanses + mattifies the skin.
  • No perfume.

My Verdict:


Product – 60/100
There are pros and cons with this product. It is easy to use and cleans all my makeup off leaving no traces, which is good. However, it is quite runny and goes in my eyes and mouth, leaving a terrible taste. It is perfume free though and is gentle on my sensitive skin, which is important. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and fully cleansed afterwards too. I prefer the actual Garnier Micellar Water I think though. I also use a great Neutrogena Face wash, which I love. It is a thicker liquid that doesn’t run and leaves my skin feeling lovely afterwards.

Packaging – 90/100
This gel wash comes in a big see through bottle with an easy to use pump lid. I use it n the shower so I like that it is quite chunky and the lid is easy to use with wet hands. You get a lot of product in this 200ml bottle.

Price – 95/100
I think this is a good price at £3.99 as it is a big bottle. You can get it at the local chemist/drugstore too.

Overall I was disappointed with this product. I feel there are much better makeup removers out there.

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    1. I have really enjoyed it. Great to team up and work with other bloggers too. We met on the Facebook page Beauties on Fire. Join it and then you will see when the next challenge is starting x

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