Younique’s New Royalty Face Masks

Younique Royalty Face Masks

Today’s review is looking at the new Royalty Face Masks by Younique. I was sent two samples of masks to try by a friend as my skin has been really dull recently. I have been getting a few pimples too which I never have, so I needed a little pick me up / treat for my face. Both looked exciting but for different reasons. Read on to see my thoughts and which one was my favourite.

The Brand:

Younique are an American company started by a brother and sister, who are still the ceo’s of the company. They are mission based and their mission is to Uplift, Empower and Validate women through high quality products and providing opportunity for personal growth and financial reward. A % of sales goes to the younique foundation – a charity that helps the victims of childhood sexual abuse. A retreat has been set up to provide counselling, healing, life skills and coaching for victims and this is at the heart of younique. lol his is what makes them different to other network marketing companies.

Royalty Exfoliating Face Mask

£38.00 for 50g

Royalty Exfoliating Face Mask

  • Removes dirt and oil whilst exfoliating the skin
  • Makes skin look healthier
  • Reduces the appearance of pores



I applied a thin layer of the mask to my dry face and worked it into my skin in small circular motions for a minute and then left it for 5 minutes. It is a white exfoliating mask with small particles to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It has a lovely soft smell, very similar to coco butter but not as strong. I really liked that my skin did no go tight with the mask on. I hate it when masks leave me with a hard face that it hurts to even move.

 Younique Royalty Face Exfoliating Mask

It easily washed off with warm water. No scrubbing needed. Immediately after my face looked good and had a real silky soft texture. My skin was glowing and looked a lot healthier and brighter. This was a real treat to my skin. My skin was still glowing the next day.


Oil Control Mask

£38.00 for 50g

 Younique Royalty Face Mask

  • Mattifies oily skin
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Improves skin’s clarity and tone
  • Formulated for sensitive skin

I applied this the same as the exfoliating mask, a thin layer worked into my skin in circular motions. I also left it for 5 minutes. It was hard to apply as it has a very thick sticky texture and I needed to use a lot more product than the clay mask. I love the bright green colour.

 Younique Royalty Face Mask

It takes a lot of warm water to wash off. My skin felt really lovely afterwards. Smooth and silky with a matte finish but not tight.

Overall Verdict:

I liked both masks and both left my skin feeling really lovely afterwards. They also lived up to the claims Younique make about the products. Neither product irritated my sensitive skin. My favourite was definitely the Exfoliating Clay Mask. It applied lovely, smelt great and made my skin feel so good afterwards. Both are quite expensive products. I feel the Exfoliating Clay Mask was a real treat to my skin so worth the money. The Oil Control Mask did not feel as luxurious so to me seemed expensive for the product.

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I was sent these products for free, however, all reviews are my own honest opinion and based on my own personal experience with the products. I do not get any commission from any sales.


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