How I Sooth my Daughter’s Eczema

Eczema and dry skin can be a really hard problem to deal with especially if you find your skin irritated by everything it touches. It effects people every day and can be hard to get under control.

My daughter is 8 and I have literally spent the past 8 years trying to find products and methods that don’t upset her skin. Although we have flare ups, I have pulled together a routine that seems to keep her skin at bay and when triggered I have found solutions to help sooth it. I am in no way a medically trained person, I am simply a mum who gets upset to see her daughter nearly ripping her skin apart from scratching and itching. So here are some of my tips and solutions.

Bath Time

How I Sooth my Daughter’s Eczema

From birth my daughter has struggled with products in her bath. The ‘baby’ products are the worst and if you look at the ingredients you will be in shock at how many things are put into these baby products. I have tried sensitive and 100% natural bath products but if there is anything in her bath her skin is so itchy afterwards that she lies on the floor crying and scratching away at her skin. She was even prescribed some bath products from the doctors that were not quite as bad, but they were quite oily and left her skin quite greasy afterwards.

After lots of attempts, all I simply do now is give her plain bath water. She used to get upset that she couldn’t have bubbles in her bath but she is happy now as she knows a simple water bath will not irritate her skin.


After trying lots of different shampoos, I find the only one that does not irritate her skin is Tesco Loves Baby And Toddler Soft Shampoo. It’s only £1.00 for 500ml. I have tried a few similar shop own brands but they make her itch, so Tesco must put a slight different blend of ingredients in their version. You can purchase it here. Johnson’s Baby shampoo is also fine, although it is a lot more expensive than Tescos!

tesco baby shampoo

If I need to condition her hair I use Tresemme Conditioner but only on the ends and that also does not irritate her head or skin. Her school go through regular bouts of ‘nits’ and many mums use the tea tree style shampoos to keep the nits away but tea tree really upsets my daughter’s skin.


When she showers I have found the Sanex Zero% Sensitive Shower Gel is great on her skin. Soft wand gentle without any irritation. It has zero fragrance, parabens, colourants, phthalates or phenoxyethanol and contains 100% natural moisturising agents. It is only £1.59 for 200ml from The Range.

Sanex zero shower gel


Sometimes after the bath, I moisturise her skin, especially if she is having a flair up. Again, I have tried so many different brands.

aveeno daily moisturiser

Aveeno is good, although takes 5-10 minutes to settle her. Sometimes I have to hug her to try and stop her itching whilst the cream starts working. Aveeno Daily Moisturiser £5.99 for 200 ml.

I was recently send some moisturisers to try by Purepotions. I have written a previous post about their shampoo, you can read that here. They are a company who specialise in fragrance and chemical free natural products. It was founded by a lady whose daughter struggled with eczema and irritated skin. She developed the formula for a Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising cream in her own kitchen.

purepotions moisturiser

I was sent two, one was an everyday moisturiser called Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream (£13.99 for 100ml) and one was a more intensive balm called Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment (£7.99 for 30ml). I have been using them for the past few months on my daughter and the Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream is just amazing. It is a white cream with a pump lid. I was dubious in the beginning as I have tried so many, but it really does stop her itching near enough straight away. I use the Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment for more irritated areas where I can see the dry skin. I rub a small layer into the dry area. If you have eczema or dry skin it is worth trying these products. You can purchase them here.

Sun Cream

Sun cream is another product I have battled with over the years. My daughter is very fair and burns easily. I have tried products from both high and low-price ranges to get a sun cream that protects her from the sun without irritating her skin. After researching on the internet, I used Asda’s own sun cream range this summer and it was fantastic.

Asda sun cream

Their Protect Kids Factor 50 Sensitive Sun Lotion is colour and fragrance free, water resistant and UVA 5 and UVB tested. It also smells like ice cream! It comes in a pump bottle too and is available as factor 30 if you want a lower cover. It did not irritate my daughter’s skin at all and protected her from the sun. Plus, it is only £3.50.

I hope some of these products and tips will help others try and sooth their irritated skin. I would love to know about any products you have found work well with eczema, so drop me a comment in the box.

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