5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery

5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery

Today we have a great fashion post written by my fellow blogger Casey Pontrelli who is a content strategist and fashion writer. She specialises in collaborating branding efforts with up-and-coming fashion companies and designers. She has lots of tips about how to style your jewellery to make any outfit look fantastic! Enjoy…

It comes as no surprise that statement jewellery is all the rage right now. This fun trend allows girls to express themselves and be daring with their outfits while remaining fashionable. From bright colours to geometric designs, statement jewellery offers a new and unique way to accessorize any outfit.

For those who are ready to step out and hit the streets in style, here are some tips for styling statement jewellery that will help you create a fabulous look every time.

Coordinate Your Statement Jewellery with Your Neckline

 5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery


For starters, let’s look at shape and size. You want your statement jewellery to set off your outfit rather than fight it, so think about your neckline when choosing which necklace and earrings to wear.

Off-the-Shoulder Necklines

Shoulder-duster earrings look great when hanging down over wide-neck, sleeveless, or off-the-shoulder tops. Bring out those glam pieces even more by sweeping your hair back into a messy bun or classic ponytail.

Low and High Front Tops

Longer and layered statement necklaces go best with a low front to fill the gap. Alternatively, drape a long statement necklace over a high-necked dressor shirt to dress it up and add some visual interest.

V’s and Scooped Necklines

V-shape and scooped necklines are the perfect opportunities to rock a chunky geometric design. Try to match the length of the jewellery to the length of the scoop to perfectly frame your vibrant accessory.

Contrast Colours for the Greatest Effect

 5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery

Once you have chosen the right jewellery for your neckline, the next thing to consider is colour. You want to create a contrast between the colour of jewellery and your outfit. Pro tip: Be careful to choose colours that complement one another and don’t compete for attention.

Colours against Neutrals

While you might be tempted to mix all your colours at once for a fun and eclectic style, brightly coloured statement jewelleryworks best against neutrals like black, white, brown, and pastels. Match the colour of your earrings or necklace with another part of your outfit to make it really stand out. This could be your shoes, your handbag, or even your nail polish!

Crystals with Black, Monochromatic against Colours

For an all-black or monochromatic outfit, crystal pieces work the best. The sparkle of the crystal jewellery helps to add a pop of interest to an otherwise plain outfit. However, if you’re wearing colours, go for statement jewellery in a single tone or metal such as silver, gold, or white. 

Dress Up a Casual or Retro Look with Statement Jewellery

5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery  

Any outfit—even the most casual one—can be dressed up by adding tasteful statement jewellery.

Dress up Your Street Look

A graphic tee with a chunky necklace (and preferably a denim jacket) transforms a casual outfit to chic, urban streetwear. Similarly, a sporty outfit or flannel shirt can easily be dressed up with a sparkly glitter necklace to give it an unexpected and decidedly feminine twist.

Experiment with Chic Retro

Do you have some out-of-style clothing in your wardrobe that hasn’t seen the light of day for far too long? Give it another chance by adding statement jewellery or even a vintage piece and embrace the retro side of your personal style.

Statement Jewellery Can be Subtle

 5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery doesn’t always have to be massive or overstated. When choosing statement jewellery for work, go for subtler, smaller designs in a more neutral tone that look great without drawing too much attention. A floral pattern is a terrific way to make a girly statement while remaining professional and office-friendly. Consider some moderately-sized pearls against a neutral background to look smart and stylish.

Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing

 5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewellery

The final piece of advice is to know when one piece of statement jewellery is enough.

Whether it’s a chunky necklace, bright, fluffy earrings, or a spectacular armband, it’s sometimes the best decision to let this one visual statement do the talking—with no other accessories required.

Choose well, and your one statement piece may well be enough to turn heads everywhere you go!

I hope you enjoyed Casey’s post. Such great tips to make sure you nail your jewellery. As we all know it can make or break an outfit!

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  1. I love statements jewellery pieces, they are a great way to make a simple outfit look completely different and jazz the whole thing up. I agree with mixing lots of colours up, it’s not a great idea and having some fab pieces against black or tan etc… clothing can make it look a million times better.

    Jordanne // Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

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