5 Tips for Shopping Smart, Spending Less and Looking Your Best

Smart shopping

I have another post from my friend and fellow blogger Brigitte Evans today. Brigitte is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant.

She has lots of tips and advice to help you spend your money wisely but still look good. Enjoy…

We all want to look our best, follow the latest trends, bring new additions to freshen up and nurture our style without breaking the bank. At times, it may seem like mission impossible, with all these new lines constantly tempting us to buy more and more and we want them as soon as they’re available. In order to proverbially have your cake and eat it too, you have to arm yourself with some knowledge, wisdom, shopping hacks and most importantly patience. Nothing good ever comes from impulse shopping – just ask yourself how many times you bought something on a whim and never wore it in your life and you’ll get a clearer picture of what your shopping habits have been. Well, all that’s about to change as we are going to guide you towards making smarter choices and being more savvy and cunning when it comes to shopping, without compromising your style, of course.

Don’t be a victim

5 Tips for Shopping Smart,

Yes, the latest trends may be tempting, but as you can see from the latest spring collections freshly presented during the first fashion week – the New York one – trends change all the time, and very few of the old ones live to tell the tale the following year. This is why it is of absolute importance that you focus your attention on basic items and more timeless pieces that do cost a little more and may feel like you’re spending more at a given moment, but as said, these timeless garments are true investments that stand the test of time, so before you jump and purchase one item from every possible new trend, save your money, gather it and put it in the timeless basket. Think in terms of great moto leather jackets, trench coats, that one pricy but perfect pair of jeans, amazing leather boots, classic pumps and other timeless pieces of footwear, one iconic designer bag and a gorgeous dress that will serve you for many occasions to come. Yes, it may seem like you’re spending a lot, but, in the long run, you’re actually saving your hard-earned money. And after all, these are the items that will always elevate your look and come to your rescue no matter what.

Digital Age to the rescue

Did you know that there are tons of apps out there that give you the skinny on the latest discounts in some of the best online stores? An app called Decide even gives you an option to check out the ratings of products and set a price alert on a garment you’ve had your eye on, so as soon as the price is reduced you can be the first to snag it. RetailMeNot, according to Business Insider, allows you to punch in “the store where you’re shopping and the app will come up with a list of in-store and online discounts you can use”. You can even redeem in-store coupons right from your phone. Each and every one of these seven apps offers different amazing features that enable you to snag the exact items you want without paying the retail price, so install them all and let the hunt begin. Just be careful – don’t be fooled by the discounts and made to think you want something just because its price is reduced. You have a style to nurture and keep your wardrobe curated, so hunt only for the things that you truly want.

The upside down world

5 Tips for Shopping Smart,

The smart Aussies, who live in winter when we live in the summer, get to see what the latest trends on the Northern Hemisphere will be, way ahead of time, so they make a very smart choice that we can’t believe we haven’t thought of before – they purchase items that are out of season – for instance, it’s winter, they come across great and trendy Italian swimwearand what do they do? They buy it now and wear it when the season calls for it. The same goes for winter clothes – they buy winter coats, sweaters and all those cozy and toasty items off-season and then wear them when the chills arrive. You see, when you purchase items that aren’t being worn at the moment, you get a great discount on them because brands still want them to sell, so by turning your shopping world upside down, you will end up saving a ton of money, and when the season comes, still look on point and on trend.

Simple and effective

If you have a tendency to ruin perfectly great clothes simply by not caring for them properly, you are doing a major disservice to yourself and your precious possessions. Always read the labels, see which temperatures are optimal for washing each garment, see which ones are dry-clean-only. Admit it, aside from washing your whites right, you probably don’t have a clue how each of your garments wants to be treated. Many of us are guilty of the same crime – not inspecting the label carefully and abiding by the instructions. This is how we ruin amazing delicate blouses, shrink our sweaters and color all our clothes pink. By taking better care of your things, you extend their life cycle and end up spending less on replacement items. Get the best detergents, follow instructions to the letter and your most prized possessions will not get ruined.

Make money in order to spend money

5 Tips for Shopping Smart,

You probably own tons of clothes you were crazy about at one point but now you’re kind of over them. They’re still in great condition and someone else might fall head over heels for them, but you are just not vibing with them anymore. There are tons of ways to sell your clothes, make good money and then invest in great new pieces (or save the money if you have everything you need, there isn’t always a need to shop). You can organize a good old-fashioned selling party and sell the clothes to your friends. You can set up a blog or a website and sell your clothes online or you can consign them and use the earnings to get a store credit or go for door number two – take the cash.

As you can see, you can be frugal and stylish at the same time, and not only that, but with some smart curation, you might even end up making money! Now that we’ve given you the know-how, go fly and remember these pearls of wisdom.

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