The FAB New Chameleon Colour Changing Water Bottle

Today’s post is a bit different. The guys over at Root7 are promoting a new water bottle they are releasing and are looking for backing. I was a little sceptical I won’t lie, however after researching the Chameleon Bottle I think it looks fab and want you all to go and back it to allow Root7 to get the product out onto the market.

The Chameleon Bottle

This stainless-steel body is covered in a thermochromic paint which enables the colour changing process when cold liquid is added. Sealed with a rubber leak proof lid and handy silicone strap, perfect for on the go. It holds 600ml so can go into packed lunches and rucksacks. It is leak proof and Root7 have been through a number of iterations on the lid design to make sure your handbag, gym bag or kids lunchbox will stay dry. They come in a range of fab colours allowing the whole family to have a different colour.

What makes this bottle different and why should I back it?

Firstly EVERYONE (me included) needs extra motivation to drink more water. This is a fun hydration bottle with a specially developed colour paint which allows you to keep track of how much you are drinking daily from a simple colour change. As the cold water activates the colour change, empty sections of warmer air return the bottle back to white, allowing you to stay on top of your hydration target.

Secondly the Chameleon bottle is made out of steel. So not only will using this reduce the use of plastic water bottles, it will not leak. I have bought so many plastic water bottles for my kids and after a few uses they just start to leak, usually all over their school bag or my car seat.

Plus, each bottle comes with a rubber sun jacket to protect it when you are not using it.

What do I need to do to back it?

Click on the following link and you will be directed to a webpage that allows you to back the Chameleon Bottle.


You can back the product for as little as £1! have 28 days to reach their target. Once met they will aim to get the orders through and your bottle out to you in January 2019.

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