Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Review

Charlotte Tilbury Product review

Hi everyone. I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury products but due to the price do not buy them very often. Like everyone, I have been feeling a bit fed up over the past couple of months due to the lockdown so went online and treated myself to some makeup. My justification for the purchase being that I have saved money by staying in! I always find that when I do fork out the cash to buy some Charlotte Tilbury products I am always impressed with the quality and I do wear them all the time so I feel I get my money’s worth.

Charlotte Tilbury has released a new range of products aimed at enhancing your eye colour. I have blue eyes so I purchased the eyeshadow quad and eyeliner duo in Copper Charge which is gold/rose-copper type colours. You always get great samples in your order too which is great plus I had a code for a free full-size Lip liner too. When my parcel arrived there were loads of goodies in it. So I thought I would review all the items in the box. Enjoy the review…

Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

£40.00 from Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury Copper Charge eyeshadow quad This contains 4 colours and is aimed at making blue eyes pop but also recommend it will enhance brown eyes. The shades are so gorgeous. There is a light shimmer champagne colour, a rose-copper shimmer colour, a dark russet brown matt shade and a shimmer gold colour. I particularly love the deep matt russet brown colour and can see myself using this one the most. They have put a guide on the back of the quad showing you how they recommend to use it where you use the light champagne colour across the whole lid to prime the eye, use the shimmer rose copper in the crease to enhance the eye, use the russet brown in the corners to smoke the eye out and finally apply the gold shimmer with your finger to the centre of the lid to add a pop of colour. This method works well but you can use the palette in lots of ways. Charlotte Tilbury Copper Charge colour swatch I love the palette, but, as I am getting older my eyelids have small wrinkles across them. I find I have to be careful when applying shimmer eyeshadow as it can emphasize the wrinkles. So I have to apply an eyeshadow primer under these eyeshadows so I have a matt base. I also add the shimmer product very gradually, building them up bit by bit. I tend to use the matt russet brown for a lot of the eyelid then use the others in small quantities. Or I like to only use a couple of colours at one time. They do make my blue eyes pop which I think is lovely. I like these colours and think this is a great eyeshadow quad. I do, however, prefer the matt shadows.

Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo

£21.00 from Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury copper charge eye liner duo This is a fabulous eyeliner. It has two ends, one is a matt copper-brown shade and the other a metallic gold. It has a lovely creamy texture and it lasts all day. I had to scrub my hand to get the swatch off after my photos for my blog! I have been following their guidance of applying the brown to the top lash and flicking it out at the corner, then blending it to smoke it out. I then apply the gold shade to my bottom waterline. Charlotte Tilbury Copper Charge eyeliner This claims to brighten the eye, makes them look wider and enhance blue eyes. This liner definitely makes my blue eyes pop. It is very easy to apply and is easy to blend out and can be layered up. It matches the eyeshadow quad perfectly but looks really nice when used on its own just to add a bit of colour for every day. This is one of my favourite products from Charlotte Tilbury.

Full Fat Lashes Mascara

£23.00 from Charlotte Tilbury charlotte tilbury full fat lashes This was one of two mascara samples I received with my purchase. As samples, they are a great size with lots of product in. This is one of her best sellers. It is a rick glossy black mascara that claims to curl, separate and add volume and length to your lashes. I am not that fussed with mascara if I am honest. I very rarely see a big difference and will usually just to stick to a natural mascara. I applied this and was shocked at how much I liked it. Just after one coat, my eyelashes looked full of volume and I was impressed. The colour is intense and it lasted all day. I would definitely buy the full version of this as it is a great mascara. I loved it!

Legendary Lashes Volume 2 Mascara

£25.00 from Charlotte Tilbury charlotte tilbury legendary lashes vol 2 This is the 2nd sample I received and is a similar type of jet black glossy mascara that adds volume and makes lashes look longer and thicker. It is smudge-proof and long-wearing. This has quite a big brush which I was not as keen on. This was also a lovely mascara but I did prefer the Full Fat Mascara. However, I am going to keep using both and see which I prefer and then treat myself to a full-size version. I can see why people like Charlotte Tilbury mascara products they are both very good.

Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk

£17.00 from Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte tilbury lip liner pillow talk I had a promotional code to receive this full-size liner for free. Pillow Talk is their iconic lipstick shade that absolutely everyone raves about. It is a nude pink colour. This claims to be easy to apply, waterproof and smudge-proof and lasts for up to 6 hours. They claim that one of these liners sells every 2 minutes!! It is a bit hard to do a review of this. I have not worn it a lot as we are in lockdown at the moment and stuck in the house so I cannot say how long it lasts or how waterproof I found it. It is nice to apply and perfect to outline your lips. In all honesty, I am not a lip liner person and find them drying. Charlotte Tilbury lip liner pillow talk swatch The shade is exactly the same as my lip colour. I would like to try the actual lipstick and get a full impression using both. So I think that the lipstick will be on my next purchase list. The liner is a versatile colour though so you can apply it with other similar nude colours.  If I am honest though I would not pay £17 for a lip liner.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Stoned Rose

£25.00 from Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte tilbury stoned rose lipstick This is warm coral rose coloured moisturising lipstick sample that I received with my purchases. It is a great size for a sample, perfect for my handbag. The range claims to keep the lips hydrated and help protect the lips from UV damage. I love the colour as it is a nude but with the coral rose tint it adds subtle colour to warm the face. Charlotte Tilbury lipstick swatch The texture is creamy and lips are definitely hydrated and look plumper. I am not sure on the durability as I have not worn it for a long period of time yet. I was very pleased to have this in my parcel though.

I did also receive a sample for the new Magic Serum Crystal Elixir which is a lightweight creamy liquid that sinks into the skin leaving it looking and feeling plump and hydrated but there was only a little amount so I cannot give a full review.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I like Charlotte Tilbury makeup products. They are expensive but I am always very happy with the quality when they arrive and I feel nice when I wear them. I have some other Charlotte Tilbury products I will review in another post.

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