Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Review

Hi everyone, I am continuing my Charlotte Tilbury Makeup review this week. I have had two of her Instant Look in a palette for a while now but never got round to reviewing them so, I thought it would be a good follow on post from last week.

These are great palettes as they contain lots of different face products that all compliment each other. They have 3 eyeshadows one to brighten, enhance and smoke. These tend to be a mixture of matte and shimmers. There is a guide on the back to show you how you can apply them. There are 2 blushes. One is always a soft colour which she says you should swipe across your cheekbone to add a subtle colour. The 2nd one is a bolder colour which she suggests you add to the apple of your cheek as a pop of colour. How I tend to add them is to dust my brush across both and then apply across my cheekbone. There is also a warm matt bronzer and a shimmer highlight in them.

It is so handy to have them all in one palette. I always take these when I am travelling as it reduces my makeup bag. The packaging is luxurious and sturdy. They are compact and come with a big mirror. Overall I find the quality is excellent and the range of colours are suitable for many skin tones. She has released several palettes over the past couple of years, although they are often limited edition. I have two. I have included photos for you to see.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a palette samples

Instant Look in a Palette: GORGEOUS, GLOWING BEAUTY

£49.00 from Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury gorgous Glowing instant look in a palette image

This was the Christmas limited edition and is still available online. The red and brown eyeshadow colours are lovely. Exactly the shades I tend to go for. They can be applied lightly during the day but I tend to use them on nights out and build them up to create a smokey look. The bronzer is slightly darker than the Smoke palette so is perfect for a night time look. The star packaging is beautiful.  

Instant Look in a Palette: SMOKE

Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a Palette

This one contains quite cool-toned colours which I usually avoid but this was on offer last year for £29.00 so I bought it. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I have used this palette nearly every day and have now hit pan on the bronzer. It is a perfect matt brown that suits my skin and looks natural for every day. It can be layered up to build the colour. I use the black as a smudgy eyeliner. The highlighter is nice as it adds a subtle glow without too much shimmer. I add this in the day and it is not too much. Unfortunately, I could not find this one online to link for you.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I know these palettes are pricey but I love them. I have worn my Smoke nearly every day since I bought it. You get a lot of products for your money with these palettes so compared to her other products they are actually good value. She has some beautiful Summer ones that I imagine will be released again.           

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