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Beauty PIe delivery box

Hi Everyone. Sorry I have not posted for a few weeks I have been busy with the house renovations. Today I am going to review Beauty Pie. For those of you who may not have heard of this brand, they are really popular in the beauty industry. Beauty Pie claims to sell high-end beauty and skincare products. However, they have a slightly different business model to other companies. You can go on to their website and buy their products, but they are quite expensive OR you can sign up for a monthly subscription to be part of their member’s club. So, for a monthly fee, you can buy the products at a lower price. It is quite confusing so I will try and explain it better.

They have different levels of membership. For each level, you get a specific spending allowance. For example for £5 a month you get a spending allowance of £50. When you look at their products each one has two prices; a typical price and then a member’s price which is substantially lower. Your spending allowance is calculated using the typical price. You pay the member’s price. The higher your monthly payment, the more allowance you get.

I started at the £5 a month subscription. This gave me £50 to spend each month. The first thing I found however was, the typical price of the skincare products was so high that my £50 allowance would not actually allow me to buy much! So I ended up having to upgrade to the £10 a month subscription which gave me a £100 allowance. I signed up three months ago as I wanted to try their products and get a true feel for the company and products before writing about them on my blog Within my post, I will review the products that I have tried and then give my overall opinion about Beauty Pie. It will be quite a long post as I want to give you a full review as I know many people are interested in signing up for Beauty Pie.

To begin with, I have to say the presentation of the packaging is great. Each month it is very exciting when the Beauty Pie Box arrives as it looks fab and is all wrapped up nice and luxuriously.

Beauty Pie box

  Here are the products I have tried and how I found them after using them for a few weeks. I will list both prices for you to see the comparison.



15ml – Typical Price: £60 / Member’s Price: £7.38 Beauty Pie Retinol Eye Cream   This eye cream is really lovely. It hydrates and leaves the eye area soft. Unfortunately, it made my eyes sting as I can have quite sensitive skin.



9ml – Typical Price: £20 / Member’s Price: £4.10 Beauty Pie Uber Volume Mascara This is okay as a mascara but nothing special. It feels like a cheaper drugstore mascara.



50ml – Typical Price: Unsure / Member’s Price: £12.00
Beauty Pie Hyaluronic Acid This is a lovely Hyaluronic Acid serum. It is lightweight with a creamy gel-like texture. It absorbs well and leaves the skin feeling very hydrated.  



50ml – Typical Price: £28.00 / Member’s Price: £6.77 Beauty Pie Tinted Moisturiser I did not like this product. It was very thick and felt heavy on my skin. The colour was strange also and too dark for me whereas the fair shade below was far too light.



190ml – Typical Price: £28.00 / Member’s Price: £11.30 Beauty Pie Jeju Cleansing milk This cleanser has been a few of my recent posts. I absolutely love this cleanser. It is my favourite product from Beauty Pie. I have actually stocked up on it as I have now cancelled my subscription. I will miss this product. I am not prepared to pay the normal price of £28.00 for it. I have a full review of this cleanser here.



100ml – Typical Price: £30.00 / Member’s Price: £10.45

Beauty Pie Jeju Hydrating Mist

This arrived in my last parcel a few days ago. I wanted a mist to use before applying my Hyaluronic acid as it helps it absorb better. It is very very refreshing and really hydrates the skin. Great to spray on when you are feeling a bit hot and flustered.



100ml – Typical Price: £25.00 / Member’s Price: £6.91

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser This is another cleanser that I have mentioned in previous posts. Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser is one of the most popular products. It is a lovely creamy cleanser perfect for dry skin. I also stocked up on this product before finishing my subscription. I have a full review of this cleanser here.



0.05oz – Typical Price: £22.00 / Member’s Price: £5.39 Beauty Pie Eye Crayon
  I bought this cream eye shadow stick in the shade En Taupe. I do not usually use cream eye shadow as my eyelids have fine creases in them and I often find cream shadow can sit in the lines as the day progresses. This eyeshadow sticks have great reviews so I thought I would give it a try. The colour is lovely and very wearable. It makes a great base for powder shadows or can be worn alone as a subtle blend of colour. I have not worn it all day though as I have not been wearing much makeup during the lockdown period. There is an excellent selection of colours available.  



8g – Typical Price: £26.00 / Member’s Price: £6.76 Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder This is an ultra-fine, uber-light invisible face powder. This was the reason I first started considering Beauty Pie as so many beauty influencers raved about it. You can wear it alone or on top of your foundation. It applied a very fine layer of sheer powder matting and blurring the skin. It is very nice. Really light on the skin. I have dry skin and this does not make it feel tight and dry like many pressed powders do. I can see why people like it. If you have oily skin though I think this would not be enough coverage for you. I sometimes feel I have to re-apply it throughout the day even with my dry skin.



30 pads – Typical Price: £25.00 / Member’s Price: £9.35 Beauty Pie Acid Wipes pot I have only just started using these. I wanted to add an acid exfoliator into my routine but I have sensitive skin after using tretinoin so needed something really gentle. These are soft pads that you gently sweep across your face. They are really good. They exfoliate to leave skin clean and fresh without any stinging or soreness. I am using them 2-3 times a week, but if you have oily skin you can use them daily. They are cheaper than other versions of glycolic pads on the market but if you use them daily I think they would be quite expensive to keep using.



100ml – Typical Price: £15.00 / Member’s Price: £6.71 Beauty Pie Facial Cloth pack Beauty Pie Facial Cloth These facecloths are really soft and feel lovely on the skin. One side has a microfibre finish and the other is muslin. You use the microfibre to remove your cleanser on and then turn them over and use the muslin to gently exfoliate your skin.  Again, possible quite expensive. I know Primark and similar shops have cheap versions of these facecloths that are good and better value.  

Overall Opinion

I only tested some of the products. It was a mixed bag really. On the whole I felt the skincare products were good. I especially like the cleansers and will miss them now I have stopped my subscription. My overall opinion is that Beauty Pie is a good idea and I can see why people like it. However, There were many things I did not like:

  • I hated being restricted to a spending allowance. I had to wait for some of my allowances to carry over to the next month to be able to buy what I wanted.
  • I like to be able to shop around different shops and brands so being restricted to this one website frustrated me.
  • I found I was spending more money than I would usually spend as I was trying to spend my monthly allowance each month. Then I would pay my actual monthly £10 fee and the postage of £3.95 on top of that. I was spending about £50-£60 per month on products that were not exceptional.
  • I was often disappointed with the products when they arrived which was frustrating when I had waited a month for my allowance to renew then spent money on the product and waited for it to arrive. If it was in a shop I could go and try it on the spot and decide whether to buy it.

Finally, I think the products are the correct value for the price you pay as a member. I do not believe the products typical price is true. For example, the Super Retinol Eye Cream is £60 typical price. It is a good product but I do not believe this is a £60 product. I am glad I tried Beauty Pie but I would not stay subscribed to it. I would rather shop around and try different brands with my skincare.

I hope you enjoyed my Beauty Pie review. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any exciting beauty and skincare posts. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thanks for reading x

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