La Faón Skincare Review

Hi everyone, I have taken a break from my blog for the past month or so to focus on my house renovation and go on a lovely holiday to Greece. I have, however, been trialling a new skincare range of products I was sent from a company called La Faón. They are a Taiwan based skincare company who focus on creating products that target anti-ageing and skin perfection.

Following the success of the Hada Lab Products (you can read that post here), I am interested to try international products such as these. Skincare products from countries such as Taiwan are doing extremely well in the beauty market as they are so effective. La Faón focuses on hyaluronic acid as a staple within their products and I have found this is an ingredient my skin seems to love and thrive on. They also use apple stem cells in their products which are excellent to help anti-ageing.

La Faón sent me a set of products to cover a whole skincare routine. I have used them now for many weeks and am very pleased with the results.

Dramatic Face Cleanser

La Faon cleanser

This is a milky cleanser that contains slight exfoliant particles to really clean deep into the skin. I apply it to a wet face and work it into my skin. I then wipe it off with a wet flannel and rinse. It contains amino acid which helps to get an effective cleanse. This is one of my favourite products from La Faón. My face feels fresh and clean afterwards with no dryness.

Potent Radiant Emulsion

La Faon emulsion

This was a new type of product for me. It is a serum-like toner containing witch hazel, apple stem cell and hyaluronic acid. It hydrates and rebalances your skin and helps to speed up the absorption of the products you apply after. I remember using toner as a teenager and it really dried my skin out but this is completely different. I pour a bit into my palm and tap it onto my face. It is extremely refreshing. I have noticed my other products apply much better afterwards. Again with the cleanser above this is one of my favourite products.

Hydro-Essence Mist

La Faon mist

This is a mist-like spray you can use before or after make-up throughout the day. It contains hyaluronic acid and leaf extract to soothe and hydrate the skin. It also smoothes out any discomfort of the skin, lifts away impurities for fresh skin and tighter-looking pores. I use hyaluronic mists all the time. I use them before I apply my Hada Lab lotion as it helps the lotion absorb better. I also keep one in my bag to refresh my skin throughout the day, especially in hot weather. This is a really nice spray. It has a pleasant smell and the mist is a good pressure (sometimes they spray too much liquid out). It is really light on the skin. It refreshes my skin and leaves it hydrated.

Instant Lifting Serum

La faon instant lift serum

This is a ceramide based face serum. It claims to have lots of benefits. It is effective for anti-ageing, restores hydration, improves your skin tone, evens out fine lines, maintains skins tightness and rejuvenates skin cell production. I have been applying this in the morning. It is a rich gel that absorbs well. It feels lightweight. Skin is left feeling smooth afterwards with no dryness. I cannot fully review the effects of anti-ageing and fine lines as I find you need to use a product for many months to get these results. It is a lovely serum though that does not irritate my skin. My skin looks healthy and glowing after.

It comes in a really easy to use packaging that twists up to allow you to get just enough serum out.

Vitalizing Shaping Cream

La faon vitalising cream

This is a concentrated skin cream that claims to improve skin’s tightness, moisturise skin, brighten the skin around the eyes, balance the skin’s Ph levels and smooth skin tone. This is quite rich so would be excellent for dry skin. I really liked the sound of this cream and when applied it is a really lovely cream that absorbs well and leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth but unfortunately, it irritated my skin. Probably due to my use of retinol. So I have not been able to fully try this product. I was disappointed as it is a great face cream.

Overall, I have enjoyed using the La Faón skincare range. My favourites are the cleanser and emulsion. My skin has looked radiant and glowing and felt smooth. My pores are less visible and my fine lines are reducing, although I do use Vitamin C and retinol so this will be due to a combination of these products.

I am impressed with the collection of products available from La Faón and think the whole routine is good with all products complementing each other. I think this is a brand that will grow and become popular when people see how good their products are.

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*These products were gifted to me by La Faón but all opinions are honest and my own. I will not make any profit from any sales generated from my post.

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