Hi there, I am Island Beauty Junkie. I am a thirty something makeup obsessed Design Lecturer based on a small beautiful island called Anglesey at the top of North Wales, UK.

After growing up just outside of Chester, I went to uni, got my degree and became a Graphic Designer. After spending many years working as a Graphic Designer, I decided to move to the countryside where I now live with my 2 children and husband. Instead of grey streets and lots of traffic, I now wake up to masses of open fields, mountains and the coast. I also now work as a full time Lecturer in a local Art College.

I have loved make up and beauty products since my teens and spend hours reading Blogs and watching YouTube tutorials. However, I often get frustrated when trying the ideas and products on myself, as I am a bit older than the gorgeous youthful girls I follow. I try the tutorials and end up looking like a bad drag queen!

As I have gotten older I realise that I have to look at things differently. I am never going to have the body of Cara Delevingne, even though I have been on a diet for the past 20 years and go the gym all the time. Yes I have fine lines around my eyes and frown lines on my forehead. So what??!! I need to just roll with it and get on with enjoying life.

So that is why I have started my Blog. I will review products, share my own experiences and talk about my life. I would love to hear from you all with any comments, questions or suggestions.

Enjoy my blogs…