Welcome to my Blog…

Welcome to my Blog: Island Beauty Junkie…

I thought I would start my very first post by introducing myself and summing up my life in 6 bullet points:

  • I am a Graphic Design Lecturer based in North Wales, UK. I have a very demanding job that can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding and yet very emotionally draining.
  • I have 2 amazing children who absorb most of my time, and a husband who I love dearly and truly is my best friend (yes, corny I know!)
  • I go to the gym and feel like I have been on a constant diet for the past 20+ years.
  • I live on a tiny island called Anglesey at the top of North Wales. It is very rural and extremely beautiful, however most people spend their days wearing fleece coats, jeans, trainers and no make up!
  • I enjoy reading and baking – things I never dreamt would be on my hobby list as I got older.
  • Overall I am addicted to makeup and cosmetics. I spend the majority of my spare time reading blogs, researching new products and watching YouTube makeup tutorials.

My last bullet will be the main focus for my blog… As mentioned I LOVE makeup. I have far too much and still cannot resist buying more. The problem I have is at the youthful age of thirty something (!) I often find now that a lot of the tutorials online just do not flatter my skin type or me. Too much make up can make me look like a bad drag queen. The bloggers are mostly young, with beautiful youthful skin. So make up tutorials and reviews often just don’t do it for me.

On my Blog I aim to talk about a range of things I enjoy from amazing works of art to gorgeous make up tutorials to new make up and skin product reviews. I may even document my baking successes and share any good books with you. I am not a trained makeup artist. My background is Graphic Design. I simply enjoy make up and beauty products and have practised and experimented with ideas along the way.

I may include stories about my life, which is so busy, and overwhelming at times that it becomes a mass of madness. Who knows!

I am in the process of setting up other social media accounts so will let you know when they are live. Please follow me and feel free to send me any questions, comments and tips you have.

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