BaByliss Curl Secret Review

Having thin hair, I have always been a huge fan of curling my hair when I go to a special occasion as I find it makes it look thicker, and makes me feel glamorous!


I usually use my curling tongs, but I have to admit I am not very good with them and the curls are always hit and miss. It takes me ages to do and then I often end up tying my hair up in the end, as the curls just won’t sit right. So I was really intrigued to try the BaByliss Curling Secret. It had really good reviews online, but it is pricey at £119.00.

It claims it has revolutionary Auto Curl™ technology to effortlessly create beautiful, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect. I often find my curls drop after a couple of hours when I use my curling wand.

So, I washed my hair and actually run my straighteners through my hair quickly, as I have naturally wavy hair and I find it curls better when straightened first. I put no product in my hair as stated in the instructions.

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I then sectioned half on my hair up with a clip. I did it in 2 halves, as my hair is very thin. If you have thick hair I would recommend creating more sections. I then started to curl the hair in sections of about 2 cm thick. It is a funny device to use at first as it is just so unlike anything else.

You sit your hair in the groove in the open curler. You then close it together and the hair sucks up into the device. It then beeps slowly for 3 beeps and then on the 4th beep (which is a set of quicker beeps) you release the curler and gently let your hair go. I was amazed to see perfect curls.

I made my way around my hair curling each small section. It created a perfect curl every time. I was so impressed. I even managed to do right around my head instead of battling with the tongs and not knowing witch hand to hold them in on the different sides of my head. After about 20 minutes, I had finished the whole head.

I finished by gently running my fingers through the curls to blend them together a bit. I rubbed a bit of gloss in my palms and just scrunched it gently into the curls. I then twisted my front section a pinned it back.


I absolutely love these curlers and have used them every time I have gone on a night out since. The finish is just perfect and the curls last all night. I would definitely recommend them. Thanks for reading…

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