Benefit Foundation and Primer Review

I love Benefit products and they have been staples in my make up every day for the past 10 years. I especially like the Hoola bronzer, the blushers and the highlighter products.

However I have never really been drawn towards the foundation products. Possibly, because I love using MAC foundations and tend to just stick to them. Yesterday I was shopping in Debenhams, as I needed some more Gimme Brow Gel (which is the best brow gel ever!). I started chatting to the consultant on the counter about the foundation products and the fact I hadn’t really tried them. She did a trial of two foundations and two primers on me.

Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel Primer (£21.50 for 50ml)
Porefessional Face Primer (£24.50 for 22ml)

Available from Benefit*

Firstly, she used the Porefessional Face Primer on my T-Zone where my pores are a lot more visible. This is a skin coloured thick liquid that really smooths out your pores and keeps the face matt throughout the day. Then she used the Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel Primer around the other areas of my face. This is a white gel that mattifies the skin and absorbs oil. These left a really nice base on my face. Really light on the skin but minimised my pores.


The Benefit Play Stick Foundation (£26.50 for 8.5g) 

Following the primers she applied the Playstick to half of my face. The Playstick is a creamy stick foundation. It claims to be a concealer, foundation and powder all-in-one. She put across the cheek, forehead, chin and nose. She then used a damp beauty blender to blend it across half of my face. I really liked the look of this foundation. It was a medium coverage and left my face looking flawless, even without any concealer. The shade I had was Light Beige. It would be great on a night out. This was then set using the Flawless pressed powder.


Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (£26.50 30ml) 

She then applied Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation the the other half of my face. Hello Flawless is a liquid based light to medium coverage foundation, which brightens the skin. It has SPF25. She again applied it using a damp beauty blender. I was the shade Ivory I’m Pure for Sure. This also applied really nicely, leaving a semi-matte finish. This also left a really nice finish but was a bit lighter than the Playstick. This would be perfect to use during the day. This was also set using the Flawless pressed powder, (£25.50 for 70g) and my shade was Ivory Gee I’m Swell.


Hello Flawless Pressed Powder (£25.50 for 70g)

I kept them both on for about 6 hours and I have to say I was really impressed with both foundations. I am leaning more towards the Playstick as I felt my skin looked better with this one. It really did leave a flawless finish and I didn’t apply any concealer with it. The Wow foundation would probably need concealer to apply more coverage to certain areas. I will definitely be buying both though. I will wear the Wow foundation during the day and then the Playstick on night outs.

I was also very impressed with the primers. They are very expensive though. I did however buy a kit that contained a small tube of both primers and a face mask to clear pores. It cost £11.50, which I felt was great value as the tube sizes are good and will last a while.


POREfessional Pores away!  (£11.50 for 2 trial size primers and 1 mask.)

I have tried the facemask today too, so thought I would add it on to this post. It has a strange packaging that has a plastic pouch that you push to release the serum. You then work the packet in your fingers to coat the mask inside with the serum. When opened you can pull the mask out and apply it to your face. It looks a bit like a face wipe. It has a smooth side and a rough side. You place the smooth side onto your skin and then relax for 10 minutes before taking it off and rubbing the serum away with the other side of the wipe.


There are pros and cons for this mask. There is not a lot of actual mask inside. I ripped it to allow me to put some on my forehead, nose and chin. You also have to lie down with the mask on as it just falls off, which I found really irritating, as I like to potter around when I have a mask on. They are also very expensive at £24.50 for 8 masks! However, the results were fantastic. My pores were completely clean afterwards and my skin felt great. No tightness what so ever. I am not sure though whether I could justify paying that price for 8 masks.

Following my review of the Benefit face products I am really impressed. I am going to purchase the foundations and the powder and will keep using the primers to see how they perform on a daily basis.

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