My Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes

I have lots of eye shadow palettes. They are a weakness of mine. I tend to get a new one and use it everyday for months until I get sick of it! Then move on a buy a new one. So I thought I would pick my favourite 3 and write a post about them for you.



Urban Decay Naked Palette
£38.50 from Feelunique


In third place, it is my Urban Decay Naked Palette. This has 12 neutral shades in this palette. Each one is a creamy pigmented shadow that applies and blends really well onto the eye. This is mainly golds and brown warm shades with a dark navy/black and a smoky blue thrown in to allow a wider range of eye looks. There are 2 matte shades and the rest have a shimmer to them. I particularly love the colours Smog and Darkhorse, which are shades of warm shimmery brown. These eye shadows look fab when sprayed with a fixer such as Mac Spray Plus. They really make the eye shine. One of the main things I like about this palette is you can wear the shadows day or night. It is a really versatile palette.

The packaging is not great, and to be fair to Urban Decay they have improved the packaging of the Naked Palettes as they have developed. This has a velvet finish that gets grimy with fingerprints after using it for a while. It has a magnetic close lid that will open in your bag if it is knocked about. Plus the mirror is tiny, pointless being there really. The newer versions come in a metallic tin with a better mirror.


The Balm Nude‘tude Palette
£29.99 from Superdrug


In second place is the Balm’s Nude’tude Palette. The packaging of this palette is just great and is worth buying just for that! It is a collection of warm browns with a couple of redder shades and a dark brown and black. The shadows are very pigmented. There are 2 matte shades and the rest have a slight shimmer. Some have elements of glitter too, but they are not super glittery when applied to your eye. I love the collection of colours in this palette. It has a nice array of shades from white to cream to pink and browns through to red and black. Compared to the Naked Palette where I feel they are very similar in shade. You can create a good varied eye look with this palette as the shades differ so much. One of my favourite shades is Snobby, which is shimmery buttery golden cream colour that looks fab across the eyelid. It really brightens my eyes and makes my blue eyes pop. I also like the shade Sophisticated, a warm darker brown with a very slight glitter. It really compliments the Snobby shade when worn together.

The packaging is a hard card case with a magnetic close. It has a huge mirror, which is perfect for doing your makeup with. The brush is not great, but I find they never are within the palettes. I would definitely recommend this palette as it is perfect for day and night and you can create lots of different looks with it. Plus it is priced mid-range so is a nice treat but doesn’t break the bank too much. I find myself coming back to this palette again and again.


Mac Warm Neutrals Palette
£49.50 from MAC Cosmetics


In first place is my absolute favourite eye shadow palette, MAC’s Warm Neutral Palette. This was probably the most expensive piece of makeup I have ever bought and I have never regretted it. It has actually being reduced to a new price of £49.50. I paid £65.00 for it about 12 months ago. It is a collection of 15 warm neutral shades covering a wide range of colours within the cream/gold/brown spectrum. The eye shadows are so pigmented. They blend and apply like a dream. MAC always seem to come out on top with their eye shadows.

I use this every single day and for night outs. The colour range allows you to achieve lots of different eye shadow looks that last a long time. The textures vary with 2 mattes, several satins and several shimmer shades included in the set. My favourite shades are Lemon Tart and Amber Lights. When I travel I always take this palette as I can just achieve any eye look I want be it a day look, neutral night look or smoky eye the choices are limitless.

The packaging on the other hand is a complete let down. Especially for the price you pay. It is a matte black plastic case with a see through plastic lid. There is no mirror and no brush included. If I did not know how good MAC eye shadows are, I would not buy this from the look of the packaging. Which is a real shame as it really is my favourite palette.

So this was my top 3 palettes. It is funny how I always go for the warm neutral shades. I just seem to prefer them and they compliment my skin and blue eyes.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for new eye palettes as I am on the hunt for a new one.

Thanks for reading…

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