Car Music Playlist December 2016

So I thought I would do a post about what music I am listening to at the moment. I have a bit of a commute to work so spend lots of time listening to music each day. I love music. It relaxes me following stressful days in work. I have purchased three new albums recently so thought I would give a review for you all.


Emeli Sandé: Long Live the Angels

 Emeli Sandé is an amazing artist who always brings out fantastic songs. Her last album “Our Version of Events” sold over 2 million copies and is still an album I listen to a lot. This album has mixed reviews from critiques, but I actually really like it. It contains a mix of slow and quicker beat soul tunes documenting her life following a divorce. She sings her way through a range of stages from anger, heartbreak to despair. I especially like the song titled “Hurts”, which brings a different type of sound than we are use to hearing her sing. With a quick beat tempo it is a really good song and introduction to the style the new album is conveying. There are 18 tracks in total on the Deluxe version. If you are an Emeli fan then I would recommend this album. You will not be disappointed.


James Arthur: Back from The Edge

 This was an album I debated buying, as I wasn’t sure it would be my type of music. I am however really surprised by how much I like it. After being dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label back in 2014, James Arthur has been suffering with elements of depression and anxiety and has admitted to self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. He has since got his life back on track, hence the title of his new album, and he now sings through his stories. If you like Ed Sheeran then this album is for you as he has a similar type of vibe and style. It reminds me a bit of Plan B, a mix between pop and soul. I am really enjoying this album. My favourite track is “Say you Won’t go”. There are 17 tracks in total on the album.


Alicia Keys – Here

I have loved Alicia Keys since first hearing the fabulous track “Fallin” back in 2001. She has such a rich soulful voice. This album is her 8th album. It brings a grittier edge to her songs. Her focus was to tell the story of growing up and black life in America. She reflects on what she has now and the enjoyment her family gives her. I especially like the track “Pawn it All” which is about how she would give everything up to start her life all over again just to be happy. There are 17 tracks in total on the album. If you are a fan of Alicia Keys then you will not be disappointed. There is a collection of lyrical interludes on the album telling stories. This may not be to everyone’s tastes and there have been mixed reviews but for me I thought it was great.

I have just purchased Bruno Mars’ new album 24K Magic. I am really excited to listen to this album as he is one of the best artists in the industry today.

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