How I got my Pink Hair!

Following many years of bright red hair I decided I fancied a bit of a change. I had been using the Schwarzkopf Live Intensive Color 035 Real Red Hair Dye for the past 5 years. I really loved the colour but fancied moving towards a pink/rose gold colour. Plus my hair is very fine and quite fragile so I wanted to move away from constantly using permanent hair colour.


The problem was, the red pigment was so strong that after that many years it was very hard to get the colour out of my hair without fully stripping it, which I did not fancy. So my hairdresser started adding a few highlights through my hair whilst the red faded out over a few of months.

We then applied a light rinse of peroxide through the whole head, but only left it for about 5 minutes. I had read lots of reviews about Bleach London hair colour. They are semi permanent and on the bottle it said they only last for about 10 washes.

I bought the Big Pink and Awkward Peach. We mixed them in a bowl until we got the colour I wanted and then also added a little peroxide to see if this would help the colour last a bit longer.

img_6810We applied the colour to the entire head and left it for about 35 minutes. It said to leave it for 15 minutes but as my hair was a little bit darker I left it longer to allow it to penetrate through the red pigment.

We then rinsed it off only using warm water, no shampoo as instructed on the bottle.

Once dried it was really bright. More of a bright pink than a rose gold but I really liked it.



It is now 4 weeks on. I have probably washed it about 20 times since. After a couple of weeks it faded to a really nice rose gold colour. Now it is back to a faded version of the red-pigmented original colour.


I am really impressed with the Bleach London products. I think they would work fantastic on lighter coloured hair. They have a wide range of colours from blue and violet to pink and orange. They are ideal if you are someone who likes to change your hair colour regularly. Plus they fade out to which is great as it gradual and still looks good. They are only £5 a bottle too from Boots. I used half of each bottle on my hair.

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  1. Omg I’ve just seen your post and thought I had to comment..I used the rose colour and my hair is naturally blonde so it was really pink but I loved it! It’s only supposed to last a couple of washes, but it’s still faintly in my hair now and I dyed it a year ago!!

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