Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017 – Day 1 Liquid Lipstick

Today is the start of the Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017. As mentioned in my last post (Introduction), a group of beauty bloggers will be challenging each other to a daily top trump game reviewing beauty products. We have been given specific categories but can choose our own brand and product to review. We will rate the product, packaging and price out of 100 then create a top trump card to represent our product.

Okay lets kick this 10-day challenge off with my first product, Liquid Lipstick.


lipstick and box

3D Hydro Lipgloss by Kiko
£7.90 from

I am new to Kiko and I am loving the brand, the more products I try. The brand is very impressive with a wide range of exciting products, gorgeous packaging and great prices.

lipstick on own

For my liquid lipstick I chose Kiko’s 3D Hydro Lipgloss in the shade 20 Chesnut.


  • Softening lipgloss for shiny, plumped lips.
  • Leaves lips smooth and radiant.
  • Non-sticky texture is long lasting.

My Verdict:


Product – 85/100
I really like this lipgloss. It is very hydrating on my lips and has good pigmented colour. It lasts well throughout the day. It hits the claims as it softens my lips and leaves them looking shiny and plumped. There is a large variety of 20 shades available which is great.

swatch on hand

Packaging – 80/100
I like the packaging. It clearly shows the colour to allow you to see the variety in the shop. I love the applicator; it applies the lipgloss easily and smoothly across the lip and has a chunky lid to allow you to hold it without dropping it. You get a lot of product in this lipgloss.

Price – 90/100
It is a great price at £7.90. I feel Kiko is not a cheap drugstore brand but not too expensive either. They are like a happy medium. I think the quality of the lipgloss is great and very good value at this price. It makes good quality makeup products affordable for all, which I really think, is important.

Overall this is a lovely lipgloss. Great colour, lovely texture and keeps lips soft and hydrated.

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