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Today I continue with the Beauty Bloggers Brawl 2017 challenge. As mentioned in my introduction post (Introduction). The Beauty Bloggers Brawl is a daily blog post undertaken by a group of beauty bloggers who will be challenging each other to a daily top trump game reviewing beauty products. We have been given specific categories but can choose our own brand and product to review. We will rate the product, packaging and price out of 100 then create a top trump card to represent our product.

Day 2’s review is about brow products.


closed pencil

Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit
£20.00 from Benefit*

For my brow product I chose Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil in the shade 4 Medium. I am a HUGE Benefit fan. They are my absolute favourite brand. I have always used Gimme Brow and love it a lot. It has really turned my brows around giving them life after years of plucking as a teenager in the 90’s! So I have been interested to try this Goof Proof pencil as I have read many good reviews about it.


  • Custom shaped tip to allow glide on easy formula.
  • Soft colour.
  • 12 hour waterproof formula.

My Verdict:


Product – 70/100
This is a good brow product. It is very soft and I was able to gently build up short strokes to achieve a natural looking brow. The shape of the tip makes it very easy to apply. There are 6 shades available. I used no 4 Medium. I think it may be a bit too dark and warm for me though as it did make my brows quite bold, where as I like my brows softer and natural. The colour lasted well throughout the day with little fading. I think people who like a bold brow will love this product.


Packaging – 90/100
The packaging as always with benefit is excellent. Benefit has really nailed their packaging in the beauty market. All their products have exciting packaging and really stand out from other brands in the market. This brow pencil has a great shaped tip to apply the product. It makes the application easy. At the other end of the pencil is a spooly brush. A must with any brow product I feel as it allows you to brush through after you have added the colour. This makes the brows look more blended and natural.

open brow pencil

Price – 60/100
Okay, this is where this product is a let down for me. I think this is very expensive at £20.00. Benefit is a high-end brand I appreciate that, but I feel this is a bit steep for a brow pencil.

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  1. I tried a sample of this with a subscription box. I wasn’t overly impressed although it may have to do with the fact that I don’t usually do anything to my brows. I can understand why people love it though, the tip makes it very easy to use

    Ioanna |

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