Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish Review

Rimmel London Super Gel Nail Polish Review

With Summer here and our toes on show to everyone, I thought I would review Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish. I will not wear sandals without my toes painted but I am quite lazy with nail polish. It has to be quick and easy to apply, be very pigmented and dry quickly. I do not enjoy spending hours fiddling around painting my nails.

I have always liked Rimmel London nail polish. I have been wearing the Rita Ora collection a lot over the past year. I get frustrated with nail polish though, as they just don’t last long on my hands. A few days in they have started to chip and I take it off. I like the way Shellac looks and lasts so well but I find it always wrecks my nails afterwards. No matter how carefully I remove it. I was excited to try the Super Gel Nail Polish collection as see if it lives up to the claims. I chose the colour Darling Dahlia which is a bright red, perfect for the summer. It is part of the Kate Moss Collection and to be fair I have been pretty impressed with all of her range. So did the nail polish live up to its claims?

Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish 2 Step Process
Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish 2 Step Process
  • 2 Simple Steps
  • Up to 14 days of gel colour & shine
  • Apply 1-2 coats of Super Gel colour, followed by Super Gel Top Coat to activate curing
  • Dries like a regular nail polish
  • Easy to Remove
My Verdict:

The Super Gel Nail Polish is a 2-step process. Firstly, you apply two coats of the colour nail polish. There are 10 shades to choose from which is good. You then apply the Top Coat which seals it in place.

Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish Darling Dahlia
Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish Darling Dahlia

The Darling Dahlia nail polish applied really well. The brush is quite big though, so you have to brush of the excess polish on the top of the bottle or too much goes on to your nail. Even with one coat the colour is very pigmented. There were no streaks either. It dries really quickly too. By the time I had painted my 10 fingers, I moved back to start on the 2nd coat and the first coat had already dried. This is a key factor for me as I do not have the patience to sit and let nail polish dry for ages. I absolutely love the colour.

Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

I then added the top coat. This is a clear polish that adds lots of shine to the nails and seals the colour in place. The brush is still quite big so I would recommend wiping the excess off again on the top of the bottle. This took slightly longer to dry than the colour, but it had completely dried after about 5 minutes.

My Overall Opinion:
Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish
Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish

I am very impressed with Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish. The colour is immense, really bright and pigmented. It applies easily and smoothly with no streaks, dries quickly and overall it lasts for ages! I didn’t start to get chips on my hands until day 5 which I think is excellent for a drugstore nail polish. I even wore it for 2 more days before I took it off. I have never worn a nail polish on my hands for 7 days. My toes are still fine so I have left them and it is now day 10 and still they still have no chips, full colour and a high glossy shine. The toes will defiantly live up to the 14 days claim.

Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish
Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish

I am definitely going to be buying more colours from the Rimmel London’s Super Gel Nail Polish collection. It is handy as you don’t need to keep buying the Top Coat as you can use that overall all the colours.

they are £5.99 from www.boots.com* and they currently have an offer on 3 for 2, so you could buy two different coloured polishes and the top coat for the price of just 2 bottles!

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    1. I was impressed as nail polish never lasts past a few days on my hands. It’s still on my feet and looks perfect! X

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