Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

A few weeks ago, I was sent samples of the new Hair & Scalp Natural shampoo and conditioner range from Purepotions to try. I had not heard of the brand before, so I researched the internet to find out more.

Purepotions is founded by a lady called Natalie Balmond. She wanted to find a cream that would suit her daughter’s severely dry skin. She experimented in her own kitchen combining different natural ingredients and trying to see what worked on her daughter’s skin without any allergic reaction or irritation. She ended up creating a great moisturising salve called Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment that was completely natural and contained no fragrance, perfumes or other unnecessary chemical ingredients. From this her company grew and she introduced more natural products.

Many of my followers will know that my own 7-year-old daughter suffers with terrible sensitive skin and I have also been on a constant mission to find creams and shampoos that do not irritate her dry skin and make her itch. So, I really like the ethos and passion behind the Purepotions products.

I have been using the Natural Shampoo & Conditioner for a couple of weeks now and wanted to get this review online for you all to read. I have also tried it on my daughter to see how she coped with her sensitive skin. I hope you find the review helpful.

Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo & Conditioner
Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo & Conditioner


Hair & Scalp Range Claims:
  • Kind to skin
  • Kind to the Earth
  • Safe for use on babies & children
  • Made with ingredients of natural origin
  • Replenishes dry scalp with natural oils
  • No parabens. No petro-chemicals. No perfumes
  • Not tested on animals
Natural Shampoo

£18.00 from www.purepotions.co.uk

Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Shampoo
Purepotions Natural Shampoo


  • A mild, pure, fragrance-free cleanser that works really well to keep hair clean, glossy and in fabulous condition.
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp

The Natural Shampoo is an orange coloured gel. It has a really pleasant mild fruity, clean smell. I apply this shampoo twice as per instructions. It is interesting as it does not work up into a frothy lather like other shampoos. This is due to the natural ingredients. You also do not need to use as much product as other shampoos which is good. I then rinse it all out with warm water.


Natural Conditioner

£18.00 from www.purepotions.co.uk

Purepotions Hair & Scalp Natural Conditioner
Purepotions Natural Conditioner


  • A pure and gentle, fragrance-free treatment that works really well to restore softness and glossiness and maintain hair in fabulous, healthy condition
  • Made with raw materials that are 100% biodegradable and renewable in origin
  • Contains Botanical oils to nourishes the hair and scalp



The Natural Conditioner is a creamy white liquid again with a fruity clean smell. I apply this to the whole area and work it from the roots down to the ends of my hair. I then rinse off with warm water. Again, you do not need to use a lot of the conditioner.


My Verdict:

My hair is very dry and damaged after using permanent bright red hair dye for the past 6 years. I have been advised by my hairdresser to give my hair a rest for the past 6 months, which I have been good and done as I am told (for once!) So, I am always keen to use products that will really nourish my hair and try and restore some of the natural oils back.

At first, I thought the products were pricey at £18.00 each. I tend to just buy drugstore shampoo. It was interesting when I looked at the ingredients of my usual products, there were so many chemicals and ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce in them. HOWEVER, I love the Purepotions Natural Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair feels amazing. It is soft and silky and as weird as this sounds it feels really light on my head. It is not weighted down at all, which some products can often do with my hair as it is very fine. The Natural Shampoo cleanses and cleans my hair and the Natural Conditioner really nourishes it and leaves it feeling silky and smooth.

With my own personal outcome being so positive I decided to try it on my daughter’s hair. She has used them a couple of times now and had no irritation or itchy dry scalp at all, which makes me very happy. I would definitely recommend the Hair & Scalp range as I really am very impressed with it. It is so pure and gentle that even people with very sensitive skin can use these products and be really happy with their hair.

I have also been sent some moisturisers to try so I will review them and post the results on my blog www.islandbeautyjunkie.com in the next couple of weeks too.

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Thanks for reading.



I was sent these products for free, however, all reviews are my own honest opinion and based on my own personal experience with the products. I do not get any commission from any sales.

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  1. I saw the skincare on QVC, my mum has really aggravated skin, so we bought some of the skin salvation, it is very hard in the jar and unfortunatly has done nothing for my mums skin.
    I am glad that you are liking the hair products 🙂

    1. That’s a shame. I have that one and the moisturiser too. The moisturiser has worked wonders on my daughters excema. The only cream I’ve found that she doesn’t itch with too.

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