NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette Review

NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour

Following my recent love of NYX products, I decided to try the NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette. I have never tried a concealer palette before so had nothing to compare this too, so just based this as a first impression type of review. I do not wear a lot of concealer as I found as I am getting older, fine lines are now appearing around my eyes. Concealer often sits in the lines and make them look worse when applied to heavily. I have been using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Peach Colour Corrector under my eyes to minimise any dark circles, you can find a full review here. Overall though, my skin is quite even toned.

NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette
NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette

£10.50 from www.boots.com

  • Allows you to colour-match your skin using the perfecting and correcting palettes to conceal correct or contour.
  • Six shades to choose from in each set allowing you to cover up problem spots even out imperfections and accentuate your best features in a flash.
  • Colours are buildable on their own or combine them to create the ideal tone.

NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette has a nice collection of colours with 6 choices. Great for a palette at this price range. It comes in 3 shade collections: Deep / Medium / Light. I have medium skin toned so I am usually a medium colour in makeup, but I needed the light version of the NYX conceal, correct and contour palette. So, if you have fair skin you may find this too dark.

NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette
NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour Palette

The texture is very creamy and when applied to my skin I was surprised at how light it felt. I was expecting it to feel heavy as I usually use liquid concealer not cream. I used a concealer brush to apply the peach shade under my eyes to correct my dark circles first. I added a bit at a time and blended it well. As per the claims it is very buildable. I then combined the light and medium concealer colours under my eyes and around my nose, again with the same brush. I finished off my adding the light-yellow highlight shade to mu cheek bones and bridge of my nose.

Some people use the palette to contour, as it has a dark shade and highlighter. I am not a big fan of contour, it doesn’t really suit me, but I tried it with this palette and it works really well. So, if contouring is something you enjoy then you would like this palette.

My Overall Verdict:

I really like this palette. The consistency and texture of the product is good and the colours are suitable for a variety of skin tones. It does not feel heavy on the skin and is buildable for a heavier coverage.

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  1. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing. The article is very educational and up-to-date. I have been following your blog from last 20 days. really Loved it.
    Already following your Facebook page and twitter.
    Thanks once again

    1. Yea I feel the same. I always found cream concealer were heavy on the skin so was surprised how light this felt on my skin.

  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of NYX and I’m suprised how I never bought this product. I most def will stop at my local Ulta this weekend to grab this. Beautiful pictures.

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