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With the sunshine starting to fade as we head into Autumn here in the UK, I thought it would be an excellent time to review some highlighters to help keep our skin feeling glossy and healthy. I love Benefit’s ‘Beam’ highlighter range and I will be reviewing the High Beam, Moon Beam and Dandelion Shy Beam today. I believe there is one suitable for every skin tone.

Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer

£19.50 for 10ml from Benefit

Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer

High Beam is a satiny pink luminescent liquid highlighter. It is quite dewy but subtle on the skin. It can be applied onto your cheeks and brow bones over your foundation or mixed in with the foundation for an all over luminous glow. I only actually bought a sample of this and it has lasted a long time as a little goes a long way. I really like this pink colour. I tend to always go for a gold highlighter but this pink adds a different ,more classic type of highlight. It would be perfect for paler skins. It lasts well and can be worn during day or night. At night I add a little bit more to give it an extra bit of sparkle.

Benefit Moon Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer

£10.98 for 0.9oz travel size from www.

Benefit Moon Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer

Moon Beam is a golden apricot liquid highlighter. This is much warmer than the High Beam. It adds a warm shimmer to your cheekbones. This can also be worn alone either under or over your foundation or mixed in for an all over warm glow. This is a lovely highlighter for the summer months and is perfect for all skin tones. This is a little harder to come by as not all stores stock it, but it is a really lovely shade to buy. It has a very similar effect to the High Beam with a similar dewy finish. With both of these highlighters I would only apply them over a liquid finish foundation not over powder. I like to dot it over my cheekbones and eyebrow bone.

There is also a Sun Beam version which is a golden bronze version. I do not have this version to add to my review, but I have tried it in the shop and it is really lovely.

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter

£21.50 for 10ml from Benefit

 Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter

My final highlighter is the Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter. Although, in the same range as the others, this is completely different. It is actually different to anything I have ever tried before. This is a soft-matte nude pink highlighter. It is really subtle but still makes your skin glow. I apply it to my cheekbones and the tip of my nose. It can also be mixed in with your foundation. This is an excellent product to brighten under your eyes too. This in all honesty is my absolute favourite of the three products. I wear it every day. I do not like heavy makeup on my skin and I feel this is so lovely and subtle that it adds a natural highlight to my face without looking too much.

Benefit Highlighter Swatches
High Beam / Moon Beam / Dandelion Shy Beam

All three of these products are just so good. They all come in a bottle with a nail polish like brush attached to the lid making them super easy to apply without leaving any spillage or mess. The packaging is always gorgeous too. I am a huge benefit fan. They really are top of their game with their face products. I love the Hoola Bronzer and blushers too. They are slightly more expensive but the quality of the products and durability is just outstanding. These highlighters go a long way too so I would recommend paying that little bit more and getting a product you LOVE wearing.

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