LUSH Skincare Review

LUSH Skincare review

I love LUSH skincare products and have posted about the toner and cleanser before on my blog (you can read the reviews here). A while back I had bought the LUSH Tea Tree Toner and the spray lid wasn’t working. As I live quite far from a LUSH store I emailed them to ask for a replacement lid. They were so helpful and sent me a new lid a few days later. To my excitement, inside the parcel were lots of sample products too. I was really excited as although I love the products I use, I have never really tried any others. So, I could not wait to try them all and thought I would post a review for you all on here.

Love and Light Hand Cream

£9.75 for 100g

 LUSH Light and Love Hand Cream

Love and Light Hand Cream is a softening and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter cream hand cream. It contains Brazilian orange and orange blossom and neroli to brighten the skin and moisturise your dry hands.

As with all LUSH skincare products it smells divine. It applies nicely and soaks in easily. Left my hands feeling great.

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

£7.95 for 130g

LUSH Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub is a creamy coconut and salt exfoliator for your hands. It contains small sea salt particles that exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The coconut oil hydrates your hands. Applied a small dollop as suggested to my wet hands and worked it in. It left my hands feeling lovely. I followed with the Light and Love Hand Cream.

Celestial Moisturiser

£15.95 for 45g

LUSH Celestial Moisturiser

Celestial is a creamy face moisturiser. It contains almonds to help protect the skin from damage and dove orchids to condition and sooth the skin. It applies well and feels very light on  the skin. I have combination skin. The moisturiser worked nice on my skin. It did not feel heavy or leave any areas oily or dry.

Fun & Sea Monster

£6.25 for 200g

LUSH Fun Mouldable Soap

Fun and Sea Monster were little packs of mouldable soap. They can be used as bubble bath, soap or shampoo. I actually let my daughter use these in her bath. This mouldable form of soap is just a genius idea. She had so much fun. It is like a play-doh consistency that you can play with and mould into shapes. It smells lovely and also coloured the water blue which she though was great. More importantly though, my daughter has eczema and these products di not irritate her skin at all.

Serendipity Soap

Unsure of price

LUSH Serendipity Soap

I could not find this Serendipity soap on the website but still wanted to review it. I am not a soap user to be honest. This is a traditional style hard soap. It smells nice and cleaned my hands well. I just feel like soap dries my skin out, so this product wasn’t really for me.

Let the Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser

£7.50 for 100g

LUSH Let the Good Times Roll Fresh Cleanser

Let the Good Times Roll is a fresh face and body cleanser. It is a fresh cleanser made or natural ingredients. It is a yellow colour with a popcorn buttery smell. It has small particles in it so scrubs the skin but it is very gentle. It really leaves my skin soft and glowing.

I have left this product until last as it is my absolute favourite of all the products I tried in this post. I have since been out and bought the large sized pot of the cleanser and I have been using it twice a week on my face and neck. I can’t recommend this product enough. I follow with my LUSH Tea Tree toner and my moisturiser.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the LUSH products. You can purchase the products on their website: or in any of their stores.

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*I was sent these products for free, however, all reviews are my own honest opinion and based on my own personal experience with the products. I do not get any commission from any sales.


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