Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

This week I have another treat for you from fellow blogger Brigitte Evans. Brigitte is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and writer over in Australia. As we all prepare for Christmas, Brigitte has written a fantastic post to help you all look perfect for the Christmas party:

If anyone asks – you just threw on a few seemingly decent pieces by pulling them from a pile of stuff chaotically jumbled on the chair (we all know the chair), and they just happened to look phenomenal put together. Really, who has the time to think their outfits through (and in advance!) for a banal occasion like a Christmas party, right? No, don’t ever admit you started counting days till Christmas in November or that you had several potential outfits waiting to be picked out. To stay cool in the eyes of the quasi-intellectual elite that dismisses and despises anything and everything homey and traditional, just keep rolling your eyes at even a hint of family warmth and keep making snide jokes about your cousins’ matching Christmas outfits – that should do it.

Assuming you want to look great at the Christmas party despite all the staged nonchalance, we’re listing out ways that could help you achieve just that.

Be in your best spirits, please

Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

Nothing kills a gorgeous woman’s presentation like a bad attitude; this time of year (and every other, honestly), the best policy you can adopt is to think positive and stay positive. Wear a big smile on your face no matter who you are meeting later on, let the spirit of Christmas guide you through the most wonderful emotions and enjoy the beauty of this phenomenal day. Positivity is contagious – once you start feeling it, everyone will follow!

Don’t save on glitter, splash it

Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

We understand you don’t want to look too festive or like you’ve tried too hard but a little glitter here and there never hurt anyone. Splash some glitter on your eyelids for the ultimate festive effect and incorporate it into the outfit by wearing it in accents – glittery bodysuit/overcoat/shoes/purse/etc. can make all the difference. For an added glittery splash, apply hair glitter to your roots to give your appearance a truly festive sense. Even a little on the lips could do the job. However, don’t splash it all over and all at once – moderation is key.

Treat yourself to a nip and tuck here and there

Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

Exercising, dieting and all the fitness-related commitments do seem to work out well for the most part; but, when it comes to looking flawless, we all like to get a little nip and tuck and get that extra boost of confidence we need. Whether we are talking about super effective, non-invasive cosmetic procedures like body sculpting, nonsurgical facelifts, and LPG treatments or going under the knife and undergoing a full transformation, we all enjoy a little external help that allows us to look and feel absolutely amazing. Treat yourself to the best treatment for your BMI and desired result, and let everyone at the party envy your phenomenal physique.

Wear what works

Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

You want to look dashing and we get that; however, in choosing the right outfit for your Christmas party you need to think about several aspects: a) who the invitees are; b) where’s the party going to be hosted; c) how casual the party is supposed to be.

While you may want to wear that super tight bodycon you overpaid a few months ago but still haven’t had the chance to wear, know your audience before you slip into it. Yes, Christmas parties are the time to let go and count your blessings but don’t let everyone at the party count the stripes on your bra through your see-through dress. Be respectful of yourself first, then of others as well.

Update the hairdo

Beauty Report: How to Look Good at the Christmas Party

Surprise everyone at the party with an interesting Christmas hairdo you’ve never worn before and look at them drool! No, we’re not suggesting you go for rainbow highlights (unless that’s your thing) or give your hair a dramatic Amber Rose makeover; we’re more about experimenting with braids, ponytails, buns, waves or sleek straight dos. You’ll feel phenomenal when you show up looking “different” from the usual you, and we bet everyone else will be stunned, too. Don’t go overboard and don’t look like you’ve tried too hard (even though you may have); rather, go for the casual sleek with a hint of elegance and charm to make the best impression.

I hope you enjoyed Brigitte’s post. You can check out more from her at the following website:

You can read Brigitte’s last guest post for Island Beauty Junkie here.

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