The Natural Look Is In—Here’s How to Achieve It

The Natural Look Is In—Here’s How to Achieve It

Well, the summer has all but gone here in the Uk. Bikinis and flip flops are getting packed away and we are starting to pull out our sweaters and boots ready for the Autumn. Today, I bring another exciting post from my friend Brigitte Evans, a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant. She has lots of tips on achieving a natural look I know you will find very helpful. Enjoy…


Every few years, trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle tend to rotate and bring something back. In recent years, we had the bold trends such as the feather brow, impossibly big Kylie lips and contouring our faces into the shape we want. But right now, we’re going back to natural. It’s not only a relatively easy trend to accomplish, but it is also one that makes you take good care of your body, instead of covering any problems with a lot of makeup. So, let’s see how to make the perfect natural look every day:

Take care of your skin

The Natural Look Is In—Here’s How to Achieve It

The point of the natural look is to get your skin to a level where it doesn’t need any additional help to look flawless. This happens in two ways: the first is accepting your flaws and the second is trying to improve them from the inside and the outside. When talking about accepting our flaws, we have to understand that different people have different skin types, and that no skin type is better or worse than the other. If you have acne, scars or birthmarks, it doesn’t make you or your skin any less beautiful than someone who has smooth, even skin. But beyond how our skin looks, we need to take care of it and make it as healthy as possible, which might overtime change some of those imperfections you have. It’s important to use high quality skincare products that have predominantly natural ingredients and always make sure your skin is properly hydrated. If you have issues with oily skin, it is probably because your skin is under-hydrated so it produces more oil to hydrate itself. Make sure you have a proper diet that gives your skin all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and get enough sleep.

Have a healthy smile

The Natural Look Is In—Here’s How to Achieve It

A natural look brings out all of your beautiful, natural features, and you want to make sure that everything you have to show looks good. And we know that the most important accessory anyone has is their smile. But having the perfect pearly whites doesn’t naturally happen to everyone, and sometimes you might need extra help. If you have crooked teeth and you didn’t have the chance to wear braces when you were a kid to correct them, there are invisible braces that you can wear to straighten them. However, these can be expensive, so you want to look at different Invisalign financing options so that you can get the perfect smile at the best price. Of course, it all starts with you and your habits at home, so make sure your daily oral hygiene is on the top level.

Less is more

The Natural Look Is In—Here’s How to Achieve It

With the natural makeup look, we’re looking to bring out the best of our faces with as little makeup as possible. Focus on one feature you want to stand out – such as your lips or your eyes – and apply slightly more makeup on that area. For example, put on a coral red lipstick, but only mascara and a bit of highlight on your eyes. Think of makeup as an enhancement for your face instead of a way to paint over it. If you know you have a part of your face that you constantly have to pay attention to – like extremely thick eyebrows that always need to be filled out – you should consider a procedure like microblading, which will give you a semi-permanent, natural look and save you a lot of time and makeup costs. With makeup, you should really try to focus on highlighting and adding just a touch of color to your face.

The important thing to remember is that going from a full face of makeup to a light, natural look doesn’t have to be an overnight process. It will take time for you to adapt and get to a point where you are comfortable with your bare skin, especially if you spent a long time wearing a lot of makeup. Try to gradually decrease the amount of makeup you are wearing, especially during your free time when you don’t feel the pressure to look perfect. Spend time with yourself and your bare face and start appreciating it for the beauty it is. You will soon fall in love with the feeling of lightness and the breeze on your face and you’ll never want to go back to wearing a full face of makeup again. That is, until the trends turn around again.

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