SOLIDU PINK Shampoo Bar For Normal Hair REVIEW


I recently started using the Solidu Pink Shampoo Bar For Normal Hair With Peony and thought I would review it in today’s post. A Shampoo bar is a concept that is new to me as I have only ever used bottles of shampoo. So, it was interesting and quite exciting to try for the first time. Hope you enjoy the review.



PINK shampoo is enriched with natural peony roots, hair loving oils, vitamin E, as well as ylang-ylang, cedarwood and orange essential oils.

  • Thoroughly cleanses hair
  • Soothes your scalp
  • Gently conditions
  • Can be used everyday
  • Suitable for normal and oily hair



You lather the soap up in your wet hands then gently rub it down your wet hair. It froths up and creates nice soapy lather that you can then massage and clean your hair with. You then rinse it off with warm water. I did not apply any other products to get a true feel for the shampoo. I followed by drying my hair as usual.


I have to be honest it felt a bit odd using the Solidu Pink Shampoo Bar for the first time as it was a different technique compared to using a bottle. However, it is very easy to use. It has a lovely smell and I felt it really cleaned my hair. My hair was silky smooth once dry and did not feel weighed down as it sometimes can after using different products. The only negative I have was that my hair had quite a few knots in after use so, I have found using conditioner afterwards works better. The Solidu Pink Shampoo Bar lived up to all of it’s claims and really was a nice shampoo.

I really like the idea of a soap bar, especially when travelling as it is much lighter and smaller than a bottle of shampoo. I have also think the soap will last for ages as it barely wares down after use. It is £12.43 for 60g but this will last a long time. It is also suitable for all the family. My husband has also been using it and is quite happy with the results.

You can purchase the soap here

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*I was sent these products for free, however, all reviews are my own honest opinion and based on my own personal experience with the products. I do not get any commission from any sales.

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