Bubble Sheet Mask by Oh K! Review

This bubble face mask came in my Birchbox in December. I was looking forward totrying it as the Korean skincare products are really taking the skincare industryby storm at the moment. Hope you like me review.


  • Reacts with the oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles when you place the mask on your face
  • Gently exfoliates skin helping to create a smooth and radiant complexion
  • The foaming bubbles work alongside willow bark extract, cinnamon bark and soybean to leave skin with glow


Ifollowed the instructions and applied it to a freshly cleansed face. It comesout as a black mask coated in a gel like liquid. I placed it across my face andgently pressed it on. After about a couple of minutes it started to foam up andyou could feel the bubbles on your skin. It was very refreshing and cooling onthe skin. I left it for 10 minutes then pulled it off and washed my face withwarm water.


The Bubble Sheet Mask was a lovely mask which felt cooling and relaxing on my face. It left my skin soft, clean and glowing. It is an excellent base for your makeup. I do find the price of £7.50 is slightly expensive though and think there are other face masks on the market that would work just as well.

If you want to purchase the Bubble Sheet Mask click here.

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