The Body Shop Makeup Series: EYES

Welcome to the second instalment of my Body Shop Makeup Series. I had a great response to the first post about Face products (you can read that here). This one will focus on some eye products I tried during a recent trial session. Those of you who follow me regular will know I have actually been using the Body Shop Super Volume mascara for about 6 months now. It is one of my favourites. So I was intrigued to other mascaras and see how they compare. As I mentioned in the first post I really like the Body Shop and have shopped there since I was little. I love the ethics of the company and I think the products are excellent quality. Enjoy my post…

Eye Colour Stick

The Body Shop Eye Crayon

£8.00 for 10g


  • High-definition metallic eyeshadow stick in plum
  • Intense long-lasting colour
  • Waterproof
  • 100% vegetarian make-up
  • Enriched with babassu oil and beeswax
  • 4 shades available

My Verdict:

I tried two colours; 03 Siberian Quartz which was lovely purple colour and 01 Nevada Gold which was a rich gold colour. They are very creamy with a shimmer finish. They applied well to the eyelid and blended out with both a brush and my finger. They are pigmented and the colours look great against my skin tone. They are great to use on their own or as a base for powder eyeshadows. They really make colours pop. To be honest I am not a big fan of cream shadows and tend to go for more of a matt finish, but I would use these as a base for my eyeshadow.


Super Volume Mascara

Super Volume Mascara

£10.00 for 10ml


  • Mascara
  • Volumising and lengthening
  • Non-clumping
  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Suitable for contact-lens wearers
  • 2 shades available

My Verdict:

I am cheating a bit with this as I have been using it for 6 months but wanted to include it for you to get a full comparison. This mascara applies well without clumping. It has a very natural finish but is buildable. It adds volume and my eyes look subtle. I am not a huge fan of clumpy heavy mascara so this one suits me perfectly. I have sensitive eyes and some mascaras irritate me, but I have no irritation with this one.


Happy Go Lash Mascara

Happy Go Lash

£12.00 for 8ml


  • Everyday mascara in black
  • Lashes look thicker and defined
  • Easy to use and remove
  • No fading or flaking
  • Feels gentle on lashes
  • 99% ingredients of natural origin
  • Enriched with Community Trade beeswax from Cameroon and Community Trade organic virgin coconut oil from Samoa

My Verdict:

I was looking forward to trying this new mascara. I love the pink packaging, it is really pretty. Again it is a nice mascara for the day as it has a natural finish. Again it is buildable. It makes your lashes look long and lasts well all day. Again it did not irritate my eyes. It did however, make my lashes stick together a bit as was slightly clumpy. This was solved by crushing through my lashes with a lash brush. I actually preferred the Super Volume mascara if I’m honest.


Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara

Hero Lash Mascara

£12.00 for 5ml


  • Instantly volumises and extends the appearance of lashes.
  • Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara is a two-step mascara, combining a base mascara formula with lengthening fibres.

My Verdict:

I had to use this a few times before I actually started to like it. It is a two step mascara. One end has a mascara wand which you use to apply the normal mascara. The other end has a mascara wand which you use to apply white fibres to your lashes to add volume. On my first attempt I applied the fibre end first and they went everywhere. I did not like it at all. I then applied the mascara end. I actually did not see what the big deal was. However, on my second attempt I read the instructions and applied them properly. I used the black mascara first and then the fibre end. I then finished with a coat of the black mascara. This was much more successful. The fibres were able to stick to the mascara instead of flying all over my face! This fully hit the claims. It added lots of volume to my lashes and the looked long and thick. For me, this mascara will be great for night outs where I like my lashes to look fuller. Personally I would not wear this in the day as I like my lashes to look natural. However, if you are someone who likes big bold lashes then you will LOVE this mascara.

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