Revolution Re-Loaded Iconic Fever Eye Shadow Palette Review

Revolution eyeshadow palette review

Hello everyone. I am very sorry for leaving it so long to post but I have been a bit overwhelmed with  work and a house renovation that my heart and head just wasn’t up for blogging. If you are like me, working full time and trying to look after your family things get tough don’t they! As mentioned I am also renovating a beautiful victorian ministers house in North Wales. If you would like to follow the renovation check out my instagram page for the Old Manse Amlwch.

The break from blogging has given me chance to try out lots of new products and rekindle my passion for blogging so I am working hard to get lots of exciting posts up for you all. Today, I am reviewing a great palette from Revolution. I love a good eye shadow palette, but I find that high street brands just always seem to get it wrong and fail to make a good eye shadow. However, I think Revolution have really upped their game and are now releasing eye shadow palettes that are giving more expensive brands a run for their money. I had read a few good reviews about the Revolution palettes so thought I would buy one to see for myself. When I went the shop to buy one I could not believe how much choice there was. I took ages to pick one. I ended up buying the Iconic Fever Eye Shadow Palette as I love the warm burnt shades of orange and burgundy. There is also a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

revolution eyeshadow palette


  • Highly pigmented
  • Long wearing
  • Smooth
  • Blendable

My Verdict:

I really like the collection of colours in this palette. They suit my skin tone well. I swatched all colours on my arm and tested a few out on my eyelids too. My overall impression of the palette is good. The shimmer and matte darker tones are really nice, with good pigmentation. They blend well and sit nicely on the eyelid. I especially loved the shimmery reds and darker warm brown matte colours. However, I found the light-coloured shadows had little pigmentation and did not really show up on my skin. The top four from the left did not really have much impact when applied to my arm or my eye. The colours in the middle row and bottom row were great though. The shadows lasted well throughout the day.

When comparing this palette to higher priced ones I own, I have positives and negatives. Yes, they are not as pigmented, or as good quality but they are so cheap that I think people are happy to buy the Revolution palettes. Even if you are only using some of the colours, this palette is only £4.00 compared to MAC, Urban Decay and Too Faced palettes that I paid £40-£60 for! Interestingly this Revolution palette did not have as much fall out as my Urban Decay palettes.  I think the Revolution palettes are great if you fancy trying out some new colours and are not sure which to choose. Or if you are looking for a few colours from a different colour collection and don’t want to fork out for the high-priced palettes. Check out my favourite eye shadow palettes. & the Too Faced Peach Palette is also great.

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